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The journal of nutrition, health & aging

The journal of nutrition, health & aging 2/2016

Ausgabe 2/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Muscle mass index and animal source of dietary protein are positively associated with insulin resistance in participants of the NuAge study

J. Matta, N. Mayo, I. J. Dionne, P. Gaudreau, T. Fulop, D. Tessier, K. Gray-Donald, B. Shatenstein, José A. Morais

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Does low body mass index matter? Relationship between body mass index and subjective well-being among long-lived women over 95 years of age

Z. Liu, J. Huang, D. Qian, F. Chen, J. Xu, S. Li, L. Jin, Xiaofeng Wang

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Dietary features and blood pressure among 18–88-year-old residents in an island population in China

X. Chen, S. Zou, X. Wu, H. Sun, B. Ma, B. Yang, W. Zhang, Jingpu Shi

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Screening for malnutrition in community dwelling older Japanese: Preliminary development and evaluation of the Japanese Nutritional Risk Screening Tool (NRST)

N. C. Htun, Kazuko Ishikawa-Takata, A. Kuroda, T. Tanaka, T. Kikutani, S. P. Obuchi, H. Hirano, K. Iijima

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Differences in medical and life-style risk factors for malnutrition in limited-resource older adults in a rural U.S. State: A descriptive study

M. D. Getty, M. Mueller, E. J. Amella, Angela M. Fraser

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Consumption of dairy products and cognitive functioning: Findings from the SU.VI.MAX 2 study

Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot, K. E. Assmann, V. A. Andreeva, M. Ferry, S. Hercberg, P. Galan, The SU.VI.MAX 2 Research Group

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

The impact of a home-based computerized cognitive training intervention on fall risk measure performance in community dwelling older adults, a pilot study

J. Blackwood, T. Shubert, K. Fogarty, C. Chase

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Association of long-term dietary fat intake, exercise, and weight with later cognitive function in the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study

Jenni Lehtisalo, J. Lindström, T. Ngandu, M. Kivipelto, S. Ahtiluoto, P. Ilanne-Parikka, S. Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, J. G. Eriksson, M. Uusitupa, J. Tuomilehto, J. Luchsinger, For The Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study (DPS)

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Homocysteine and mild cognitive impairment: Are these the tools for early intervention in the dementia spectrum?

Zarrin Ansari

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Fish oil supplementation increases event-related posterior cingulate activation in older adults with subjective memory impairment

E. L. Boespflug, R. K. McNamara, J. C. Eliassen, M. D. Schidler, Robert Krikorian

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Impact of nutritional status and sleep quality on hospital utilisation in the oldest old with heart failure

Suzana Selan, A. Hellström, C. Fagerström

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Effectiveness of food-based fortification in older people a systematic review and meta-analysis

J. C. Morilla-Herrera, F. J. Martín-Santos, J. Caro-Bautista, C. Saucedo-Figueredo, S. García-Mayor, Jose Miguel Morales-Asencio

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Effects of nutritional supplements on muscle mass and activities of daily living in elderly rehabilitation patients with decreased muscle mass: A randomized controlled trial

Yoshihiro Yoshimura, K. Uchida, S. Jeong, M. Yamaga

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

FRAIL-NH predicts outcomes in long term care

Ellen W. Kaehr, L. C. Pape, T. K. Malmstrom, John E. Morley

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Nutritional state predicts all-cause death independent of comorbidities in geriatric patients with coronary artery disease

B.-T. Huang, Y. Peng, W. Liu, C. Zhang, H. Chai, F.-Y. Huang, Z.-L. Zuo, Y.-B. Liao, T.-L. Xia, Mao Chen

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Oral submucous fibrosis secondary to iron deficiency anemia: A case report, etiopathogenesis and management

Preeti Tomar Bhattacharya, T. Khaitan, S. B. Sarkar, R. Sinha

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Risk of unplanned emergency department readmission after an acute-care hospital discharge among geriatric inpatients: Results from the geriatric EDEN cohort study

C. P. Launay, L. de Decker, A. Kabeshova, C. Annweiler, Olivier Beauchet

01.02.2016 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Validity, reliability and feasibility of tools to identify frail older patients in inpatient hospital care: A systematic review

R. M. J. Warnier, E. van Rossum, E. van Velthuijsen, W. J. Mulder, J. M. G. A. Schols, G. I. J. M. Kempen

01.02.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 2/2016

Letter to the Editor

J. Z. Ilich, O. J. Kelly

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