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Techniques in Coloproctology

Techniques in Coloproctology 11/2020

Ausgabe 11/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 18 Artikel )

14.07.2020 | Review | Ausgabe 11/2020

The tip of the iceberg of colorectal perforation from enema: a systematic review and meta-analysis

R. Cirocchi, J. Randolph, L. Panata, A. M. Verdelli, D. Mascagni, A. Mingoli, M. Zago, M. Chiarugi, M. Lancia, P. Fedeli, J. Davies, S. Occhionorelli

17.07.2020 | Review | Ausgabe 11/2020

Comparison of colonic stents, stomas and resection for obstructive left colon cancer: a meta-analysis

S. R. Jain, C. Y. L. Yaow, C. H. Ng, V. S. Q. Neo, F. Lim, F. J. Foo, N. W. Wong, C. S. Chong

14.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2020

A simple difficulty scoring system for laparoscopic total mesorectal excision

Dimitri Krizzuk, Shlomo Yellinek, Albert Parlade, Hong Liang, Giovanna Dasilva, Steven D. Wexner

13.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2020

Robotic multivisceral pelvic resection: experience from an exenteration unit

N. Smith, D. G. Murphy, N. Lawrentschuk, J. McCormick, A. Heriot, S. Warrier, A. C. Lynch

09.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2020

Magnetic imaging defecography results are comparable to high-resolution manometry and conventional X-ray defecography in the assessment of functional pelvic floor disorders

D. Carter, O. Saukhat, M. Alcalay, N. Horesh, E. Ram

30.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2020

A novel surgical training simulator for transanal total mesorectal excision

S. Imai, M. Ito

22.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2020

Predictors of complications from stoma closure in elective colorectal surgery: an assessment from the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACSNSQIP)

T. R. de Paula, S. Nemeth, R. P. Kiran, D. S. Keller

28.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2020

Postoperative analgesic efficacy of modified continuous transversus abdominis plane block in laparoscopic colorectal surgery: a triple-blind randomized controlled trial

P. Haruethaivijitchock, J. L. Ng, G. Taksavanitcha, J. Theerawatanawong, T. Rattananupong, V. Lohsoonthorn, C. Sahakitrungruang

27.08.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2020

Comparison of long-term outcome of sacral nerve stimulation for constipation and faecal incontinence with focus on explantation rate, additional visits, and patient satisfaction

J. Hidaka, L. Lundby, S. Laurberg, J. Duelund-Jakobsen

06.07.2020 | Multimedia Article | Ausgabe 11/2020 Open Access

Minimally invasive right colectomy with transrectal natural orifice extraction: could this be the next step forward?

C.-C. Cheng, Y.-R. Hsu, Y.-J. Chern, W.-S. Tsai, H.-Y. Hung, C.-K. Liao, J.-M. Chiang, P.-S. Hsieh, J.-F. You

24.06.2020 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 11/2020

Pure transanal endoscopic colectomy for ascending colon cancer

L. Huang, X. Zhang, Z. Zeng, H. Hu, L. Kang

20.06.2020 | Video Forum | Ausgabe 11/2020

Preventing recurrence in Crohn’s disease: the Kono-S anastomosis with two-layer technique

G. Luglio, F. P. Tropeano, A. Amendola, A. Rispo, F. Castiglione, L. Bucci, G. D. De Palma

22.06.2020 | Video Forum | Ausgabe 11/2020

Laparoscopic extended right hemicolectomy with complete mesocolic excision and central vascular ligation for mid-transverse colon cancer

F. Grama, A. Chitul, A. Ionica, E. Ciofic, I. Husar-Sburlan, C. Bezede, D. Cristian

06.06.2020 | COVID-19 | The Last Image | Ausgabe 11/2020 Zur Zeit gratis

Acute intestinal ischemia in a patient with COVID-19

F. Bianco, A. J. Ranieri, G. Paterniti, F. Pata, G. Gallo

02.07.2020 | The Last Image | Ausgabe 11/2020

Rectal perforation from a perianal drain repaired with transanal minimally invasive surgery

L. Pérez Santiago, D. Moro Valdezate, M. Lapeña Rodríguez, V. Pla Martí, J. Martín Arévalo, A. Espí Macías

27.05.2020 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 11/2020

Diagnostic accuracy of urinary intestinal fatty acid-binding protein in detecting colorectal anastomotic leakage

S. Sabour

27.09.2020 | Author's Reply | Ausgabe 11/2020

Author’s reply to: Diagnostic accuracy of urinary intestinal fatty acid-binding protein in detecting colorectal anastomotic leakage

V. D. Plat, F. Daams

21.09.2020 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 11/2020

Hemorrhoidal disease classification: time to abandon an old paradigm?

F. Gaj, A. Trecca, D. Passannanti, Q. Lai

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