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Techniques in Coloproctology

Techniques in Coloproctology 7/2014

Ausgabe 7/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.07.2014 | Editorial | Ausgabe 7/2014

Laparoscopic ventral rectopexy: Resection or no resection? That is the question…

Y. Panis

01.07.2014 | Review | Ausgabe 7/2014

Serotonin receptors and their role in the pathophysiology and therapy of irritable bowel syndrome

C. Stasi, M. Bellini, G. Bassotti, C. Blandizzi, S. Milani

01.07.2014 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2014

Restoration of intestinal continuity after colectomy for non-occlusive ischemic colitis

A. Mariani, D. Moszkowicz, C. Trésallet, F. Koskas, L. Chiche, R. Lupinacci, F. Menegaux

01.07.2014 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2014

A modified total colonic exclusion for elderly patients with severe slow transit constipation

Q. Qian, C. Jiang, Y. Chen, Z. Ding, Y. Wu, K. Zheng, Q. Qin, Z. Liu

01.07.2014 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2014

Risk factors for anal fistula: a case–control study

D. Wang, G. Yang, J. Qiu, Y. Song, L. Wang, J. Gao, C. Wang

01.07.2014 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2014

Laparoscopic resection rectopexy versus laparoscopic ventral rectopexy for complete rectal prolapse

H. A. Formijne Jonkers, A. Maya, W. A. Draaisma, W. A. Bemelman, I. A. Broeders, E. C. J. Consten, S. D. Wexner

01.07.2014 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2014

Management of angiogram-negative acute colonic hemorrhage: safety and efficacy of colonoscopy-guided superselective embolization

J. Heianna, T. Miyauchi, H. Yamano, K. Yoshikawa, M. Hashimoto, S. Murayama

01.07.2014 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2014

Digital sculpting in surgery: a novel approach to depicting mesosigmoid mobilization

C. Peirce, M. Burton, I. Lavery, R. P. Kiran, D. J. Walsh, P. Dockery, J. C. Coffey

01.07.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 7/2014

Extralevator abdominoperineal excision of the rectum in patients with previous prostatectomy

H. A. Owen, P. Nisar, J. P. Trickett, H. J. Scott, P. E. Bearn

01.07.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 7/2014

Rectal ischaemia after stapled hemorrhoidopexy causing pain or bleeding: report of three cases

E. Rodrigues-Pinto, J. A. Sarmento, F. Azevedo, G. Macedo

01.07.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 7/2014

Natural orifice specimen extraction (NOSE) and transanal extracorporeal anvil placement during laparoscopic low anterior resection

A. H. Alam, V. Soyer, M. Z. Sabuncuoglu, E. Otan, C. Kayaalp

01.07.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 7/2014

Successful removal of a massive retrorectal cystic hamartoma (tailgut cyst) using a combined paracoccygeal and myocutaneous gluteal flap approach

J. Stallard, J. Davies, G. Bourke, P. J. Finan

01.07.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 7/2014

Comprehensive standardization of complete mesocolic surgery is now possible

R. Sehgal, J. C. Coffey

01.07.2014 | Congress Report | Ausgabe 7/2014

The second Genoa meeting on colorectal polyps “Recent Advances In Colorectal Polyps” Genoa 4/11/2014

A. Amato, G. A. Binda

01.07.2014 | Congress Report | Ausgabe 7/2014

The 2014 Jagelman/Turnbull International Colorectal Disease Symposium, Ft Lauderdale (FL)

I. Montroni, N. Haim

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