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The European Journal of Health Economics

The European Journal of Health Economics 5/2018

Ausgabe 5/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

08.03.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 5/2018

Patient empowerment in Europe: is no further research needed?

Livio Garattini, Anna Padula

15.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Health-related quality of life associated with bullying and aggression: a cross-sectional study in English secondary schools

Catherine Fantaguzzi, Elizabeth Allen, Alec Miners, Deborah Christie, Charles Opondo, Zia Sadique, Adam Fletcher, Richard Grieve, Chris Bonell, Russell M. Viner, Rosa Legood

16.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018 Open Access

Estimating an exchange rate between the EQ-5D-3L and ASCOT

Katherine Stevens, John Brazier, Donna Rowen

19.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Choice of reserve capacity by hospitals: a problem for prospective payment

Philippe K. Widmer, Maria Trottmann, Peter Zweifel

19.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Chilean population norms derived from the health-related quality of Life SF-6D

Miguel A. Garcia-Gordillo, Daniel Collado-Mateo, Pedro R. Olivares, José C. Adsuar

21.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Ageing, health status and coverage rate effects on community prescription costs in Ireland

Martin Kenneally, Brenda Lynch

23.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018 Open Access

Public acceptability of financial incentives to reward pregnant smokers who quit smoking: a United Kingdom–France comparison

Noémi Berlin, Léontine Goldzahl, Linda Bauld, Pat Hoddinott, Ivan Berlin

24.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Investigating the relationship between costs and outcomes for English mental health providers: a bi-variate multi-level regression analysis

Valerie Moran, Rowena Jacobs

27.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018 Open Access

The relationship between diabetes, diabetes-related complications and productive activities among older Europeans

B. Rodriguez-Sanchez, R. J. M. Alessie, T. L. Feenstra, V. Angelini

05.07.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Cost analysis of colorectal cancer screening with CT colonography in Italy

Paola Mantellini, Giuseppe Lippi, Lapo Sali, Grazia Grazzini, Silvia Delsanto, Beatrice Mallardi, Massimo Falchini, Guido Castiglione, Francesca Maria Carozzi, Mario Mascalchi, Stefano Milani, Leonardo Ventura, Marco Zappa

26.07.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Smoking, health-related quality of life and economic evaluation

Ángel López-Nicolás, Marta Trapero-Bertran, Celia Muñoz

31.07.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018 Open Access

Can premium differentiation counteract adverse selection in the Dutch supplementary health insurance? A simulation study

K. P. M. van Winssen, R. C. van Kleef, W. P. M. M. van de Ven

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