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17.01.2019 | Original Paper

Catastrophic long-term care expenditure: associated socio-demographic and economic factors

Population ageing influences the design and implementation of social and healthcare policies. The proportion of people aged 65 or over in the EU28 Member States is expected to increase from 18.00% in 2015 to 28.00% in 2060; the population aged 80 …

14.01.2019 | Original Paper

Hiring subsidies for people with a disability: do they work?

This article evaluates the effectiveness of hiring subsidies targeted to people with disabilities. By exploiting the timing of implementation among different Spanish regions of a subsidy scheme implemented in Spain during the period 1990–2014, we …

08.01.2019 | Editorial

Assessing capability in economic evaluation: a life course approach?

One man in his time plays many parts… at first, the infant… then the whining schoolboy… then the lover… then a soldier… then the justice… The sixth age shifts… with spectacles on nose… and his big manly voice turning again toward childish treble… …

05.01.2019 | Original Paper Open Access

Impact of type 2 diabetes on health expenditure: estimation based on individual administrative data

Only limited data are available in France on the incidence and health expenditure of type 2 diabetes. The objective of this study, based on national health insurance administrative database, is to describe the expenditure reimbursed to patients …

03.01.2019 | Editorial

Conflict of interest disclosure: striking a balance?

Conflicts of interest (CoI) have always been part of human beings’ daily life since ever and a permanent concern in legal affairs [ 1 ]. The most common definition of CoI is a situation where individuals must choose between the duties of their jobs …

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