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The journal of nutrition, health & aging

The journal of nutrition, health & aging 10/2017

Ausgabe 10/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 41 Artikel )

02.09.2017 | Editorial | Ausgabe 10/2017

Collaborative efforts to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Jacques Touchon, J. Rosenbaum, P. Aisen, S. Andrieu, M. C. Carrillo, M. Ceccaldi, J.-F. Dartiques, H. Feldman, A. Gabelle, M. Isaac, L. J. Fitten, R. A. Sperling, B. Vellas, P. Tariot, M. Weiner

02.11.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Cross-sectional associations of total plasma homocysteine with cortical β-amyloid independently and as a function of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid status in older adults at risk of dementia

Claudie Hooper, P. de Souto Barreto, N. Coley, E. Caussé, P. Payoux, A. S. Salabert, M. Cesari, S. Andrieu, G.-L. Bowman, M. Weiner, B. Vellas, MAPT/DSA Study Group

08.11.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Development of a novel six-month nutrition intervention for a randomized trial in older men with mobility limitations

Caroline M. Apovian, M. R. Singer, W. W. Campbell, S. Bhasin, A. C. McCarthy, M. Shah, S. Basaria, L. L. Moore

27.03.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Dietary diversity and cognitive function among elderly people: A population-based study

Z. Yin, Z. Fei, C. Qiu, M. S. Brasher, V. B. Kraus, Wenhua Zhao, Xiaoming Shi, Yi Zeng

05.07.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Alcohol energy intake is related to low body mass index in Japanese older adults: Data from the 2010–2011 National Health and Nutrition Survey

Midori Ishikawa, T. Yokoyama, N. Murayama

01.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

High free fatty acid levels are associated with stroke recurrence and poor functional outcome in Chinese patients with ischemic stroke

Z. Niu, H. Hu, Fengyun Tang

22.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency prevalence in the west of Ireland-A retrospective study

J. delos Reyes, A. Smyth, D. Griffin, P. O’Shea, S. O’Keeffe, E. C. Mulkerrin

20.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Changes in lean mass and serum myostatin with habitual protein intake and high-velocity resistance training

A. Binns, M. Gray, A. C. Henson, I. L. Fort

17.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Association between siesta (daytime sleep), dietary patterns and the presence of metabolic syndrome in elderly living in Mediterranean area (MEDIS study): The moderating effect of gender

E. N. Georgousopoulou, N. Naumovski, D. D. Mellor, S. Tyrovolas, S. Piscopo, G. Valacchi, N. Tsakountakis, A. Zeimbekis, V. Bountziouka, E. Gotsis, G. Metallinos, D. Tyrovola, J. Kellett, A. Foscolou, J.-A. Tur, A.-L. Matalas, C. Lionis, E. Polychronopoulos, L. Sidossis, Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos, The MEDIS Study Group

10.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Impact of age on the association between body mass index and all-cause mortality in patients with atrial fibrillation

S. Wu, Yan-min Yang, J. Zhu, H.-B. Wan, J. Wang, H. Zhang, X.-H. Shao

07.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Soluble milk proteins improve muscle mass recovery after immobilization-induced muscle atrophy in old rats but do not improve muscle functional property restoration

J. Verney, V. Martin, S. Ratel, V. Chavanelle, M. Bargetto, M. Etienne, E. Chaplais, P. Le Ruyet, C. Bonhomme, L. Combaret, C. Guillet, N. Boisseau, P. Sirvent, Dominique Dardevet

03.05.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

P49/STRAP, a serum response factor binding protein (SRFBP1), is involved in the redistribution of cytoskeletal f-actin proteins during glucose deprivation

E. D. Williams, S. C. Rogers, X. Zhang, G. Azhar, Jeanne Y. Wei

24.10.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Blood pressure is associated with tea consumption: A cross-sectional study in a rural, elderly population of Jiangsu China

Jieyun Yin, Shengyu Duan, F.-C. Liu, Q.-K. Yao, S. Tu, Y. Xu, Chen-Wei Pan

07.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Intake of a protein-enriched milk and effects on muscle mass and strength. A 12-week randomized placebo controlled trial among community-dwelling older adults

Inger Ottestad, A. T. Løvstad, G. O. Gjevestad, H. Hamarsland, J. Šaltytė Benth, L. F. Andersen, A. Bye, A. S. Biong, K. Retterstøl, P. O. Iversen, T. Raastad, S. M. Ulven, K. B. Holven

23.09.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Association of cortical β-amyloid with erythrocyte membrane monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids in older adults at risk of dementia

Claudie Hooper, P. de Souto Barreto, P. Payoux, A. S. Salabert, S. Guyonnet, S. Andrieu, S. Sourdet, J. Delrieu, B. Vellas, MAPT/DSA Study Group

07.10.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Vitamin D status and elevated red cell distribution width in community-dwelling adults: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2001–2006

T. M. N. Otero, D. J. Monlezun, K. B. Christopher, C. A. Camargo, Sadeq A. Quraishi

26.08.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Effect of a 6-month brisk walking program on walking endurance in sedentary and physically deconditioned women aged 60 or older: A randomized trial

H. Blain, A. Jaussent, M.-C. Picot, L. Maimoun, O. Coste, T. Masud, J. Bousquet, P. L. Bernard

05.11.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Racial differences in eating patterns and food purchasing behaviors among urban older women

Wenjun Li, G. Youssef, E. Procter-Gray, B. Olendzki, T. Cornish, R. Hayes, L. Churchill, K. Kane, K. Brown, M. F. Magee

17.01.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Perspectives on the causes of undernutrition of community-dwelling older adults: A qualitative study

Rachel van der Pols-Vijlbrief, H. A. H. Wijnhoven, M. Visser

09.03.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Malnutrition in acutely unwell hospitalized elderly - “The skeletons are still rattling in the hospital closet”

Y. Sharma, C. Thompson, R. Shahi, P. Hakendorf, Michelle Miller

28.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Nutrient intake during diet-induced weight loss and exercise interventions in a randomized trial in older overweight and obese adults

Gary D. Miller, D. P. Beavers, D. Hamm, S. L. Mihalko, S. P. Messier

09.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Dietary approach to stop hypertension with sodium reduction for Chinese Canadians (Dashna-CC): A pilot randomized controlled trial

Ping Zou, C.-L. Dennis, R. Lee, M. Parry

19.01.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Model construction for biological age based on a cross-sectional study of a healthy Chinese han population

W. Zhang, L. Jia, G. Cai, F. Shao, H. Lin, Z. Liu, F. Liu, D. Zhao, Z. Li, X. Bai, Z. Feng, XueFeng Sun, Xiang-Mei Chen

09.03.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Perceived resources as a predictor of satisfaction with food-related life among Chilean elderly: An approach with generalized linear models

G. Lobos, B. Schnettler, K. G. Grunert, C. Adasme

06.10.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Effects of body mass index on parasympathetic nervous system reactivity and recovery following orthostatic stress

D. P. Williams, N. Joseph, E. Sones, S. Chetluru, T. K. Hillecke, J. F. Thayer, J. Koenig

07.11.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

The influence of age on the BMI and all-cause mortality association: A meta-analysis

J. E. Winter, R. J. MacInnis, C. A. Nowson

11.03.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Late-life body mass index, rapid weight loss, apolipoprotein E ε4 and the risk of cognitive decline and incident dementia

S. P. Bell, D. Liu, L. R. Samuels, A. S. Shah, K. A. Gifford, T. J. Hohman, Angela L. Jefferson

23.03.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Vitamin B12 intake and related biomarkers: Associations in a Dutch elderly population

J. P. van Wijngaarden, R. A. M. Dhonukshe-Rutten, E. M. Brouwer-Brolsma, A. W. Enneman, K. M. A. Swart, S. C. van Dijk, P. H. in ’t Veld, N. M. van Schoor, N. van der Velde, R. de Jonge, P. Lips, A. G. Uitterlinden, L. C. P. G. M. de Groot

26.11.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Iberian cured-ham consumption improves endothelial function in healthy subjects

Jose Saban-Ruiz, M. Fabregate-Fuente, R. Fabregate-Fuente, A. Andres-Castillo, A. Palomino-Antolin, D. Barrio-Carreras, L. Martin-Fernandez, F. Altamirano, C. Fernandez-Fernandez, C. Andres-Lacueva

19.01.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Intake of fruit and vegetables and the incident risk of cognitive disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies

L. Wu, D. Sun, Yan Tan

21.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Dyslipidemia as a potential moderator of the association between hearing loss and depressive symptoms

Valentina A. Andreeva, K. E. Assmann, M. Adjibade, C. Lemogne, S. Hercberg, P. Galan, E. Kesse-Guyot

20.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Therapeutic role of Punica granatum (pomegranate) seed oil extract on bone turnover and resorption induced in ovariectomized rats

Nadia Z. Shaban, I. M. Talaat, F. H. Elrashidy, A. Y. Hegazy, A. S. Sultan

08.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Vitamin D and the mechanisms, circumstances and consequences of falls in older adults: A case-control study

G. T. Duval, P.-Y. Paré, J. Gautier, S. Walrand, M. Dinomais, Cédric Annweiler

09.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Supplementation of mussel peptides reduces aging phenotype, lipid deposition and oxidative stress in D-galactose-induce aging mice

Y. Zhou, Q. Xu, Ying Dong, S. Zhu, S. Song, N. Sun

28.02.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Vitamin B12 and homocysteine associations with gait speed in older adults: The Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging

M. L. Vidoni, K. Pettee Gabriel, S. T. Luo, E. M. Simonsick, R. Sue Day

19.07.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Better body composition and lipid profile can be associated with vitamin D status in Spanish elderly? The PHYSMED study

W. N. Souza, R. Aparicio-Ugarriza, M. M. Bibiloni, G. Palacios, I. Aguilar, J. A. Tur, Marcela González-Gross

17.01.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Influence of high-fat diet on bone tissue: An experimental study in growing rats

G. Rezende Yanagihara, R. Carminati Shimano, J. Atsuko Tida, J. Suzuki Yamanaka, S. Yasuyo Fukada, J. P. Mardegan Issa, A. C. Shimano, João Manuel R. S. Tavares

01.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Utility of three prognostic risk scores in predicting outcomes in elderly non-malignant patients after percutaneous gastrostomy

Ç. Kalkan, A. Ç. Kartal, F. Karakaya, A. Tüzün, Irfan Soykan

17.12.2016 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Effects of aerobic and resistance training combined with fortified milk on muscle mass, muscle strength, and physical performance in older adults: A randomized controlled trial

Yosuke Osuka, S. Fujita, N. Kitano, K. Kosaki, J. Seol, Y. Sawano, H. Shi, Y. Fujii, S. Maeda, T. Okura, H. Kobayashi, K. Tanaka

23.03.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Food insecurity among veterans: Findings from the health and retirement study

Diana P. Brostow, E. Gunzburger, K. S. Thomas

17.01.2017 | Ausgabe 10/2017

Inadequate glycaemic control and therapeutic management of adults over 65 years old with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Spain

Francesc Formiga, J. Franch-Nadal, L. Rodriguez, L. Ávila, E. Fuster

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