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The journal of nutrition, health & aging

The journal of nutrition, health & aging 2/2020

Ausgabe 2/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.02.2020 | Editorial | Ausgabe 2/2020

The Magic of Spells

John E. Morley

01.02.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Sensory Impairment and All-Cause Mortality Among the Oldest-Old: Findings from the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS)

Yan Zhang, Meiling Ge, W. Zhao, Y. Liu, X. Xia, L. Hou, Birong Dong

16.11.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Adherence to a Mediterranean Dietary Pattern and Functional Parameters: A Cross-Sectional Study in an Older Population

Joana Mendes, C. Afonso, N. Borges, A. Santos, P. Moreira, P. Padrão, R. Negrão, T. F. Amaral

08.11.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020 Open Access

No Difference in the Phenotypic Expression of Frailty among Elderly Patients Recently Diagnosed with Cancer vs Cancer Free Patients

K. El Haddad, Y. Rolland, S. Gérard, L. Mourey, S. Sourdet, B. Vellas, E. Stephan, G. Abellan Van Kan, P. De Souto Barreto, L. Balardy

11.11.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Association of Dietary Variety and Appetite with Sleep Quality in Urban-Dwelling Older Japanese Adults

K. Yamamoto, Keiko Motokawa, T. Yoshizaki, T. Yano, H. Hirano, Y. Ohara, M. Shirobe, H. Inagaki, S. Awata, S. Shinkai, Y. Watanabe

09.12.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

The Adverse Effects of Physical Restraint Use among Older Adult Patients Admitted to the Internal Medicine Wards: A Hospital-Based Retrospective Cohort Study

M.-Y. Chou, Y.-H. Hsu, Y.-C. Wang, C.-S. Chu, M.-C. Liao, Chih-Kuang Liang, L.-K. Chen, Y.-T. Lin

01.02.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Prevalence of Malnutrition in Older Hospitalized Cancer Patients: A Multicenter and Multiregional Study

Cristiane A. D’Almeida, W. A. F. Peres, N. B. de Pinho, R. B. Martucci, V. D. Rodrigues, A. Ramalho

19.10.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Prevalence of Cognitive Frailty Phenotypes and Associated Factors in a Community-Dwelling Elderly Population

Q. Ruan, F. Xiao, K. Gong, W. Zhang, M. Zhang, J. Ruan, X. Zhang, Q. Chen, Zhuowei Yu

25.10.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Cross-Sectional Study on the Association between Pulmonary Function and Sarcopenia in Brazilian Community-Dwelling Elderly from the Amazon Region

D. G. Ohara, Maycon Sousa Pegorari, N. L. Oliveira dos Santos, C. de Fátima Ribeiro Silva, M. S. R. Oliveira, A. P. Matos, M. Jamami

06.12.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Comparing Diagnostic Properties of the FRAIL-NH Scale and 4 Frailty Screening Instruments among Chinese Institutionalized Older Adults

H. Si, Y. Jin, X. Qiao, X. Tian, X. Liu, Cuili Wang

06.12.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Association between Statin Use and Physical Function among Older Chinese Inpatients with Type 2 Diabetes

Y. Li, X. Yang, Y. Zou, J. Li, Q. Sun, X. Jing, M. Yang, Shuang Wang, B. Dong

05.12.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Genetic Variants of Homocysteine Metabolism, Homocysteine, and Frailty - Rugao Longevity and Ageing Study

T. Ma, X.-H. Sun, S. Yao, Z.-K. Chen, J.-F. Zhang, W. D. Xu, Xiao-Yan Jiang, Xiao-Feng Wang

09.11.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

HoSAGE: Sarcopenia in Older Patients before and after Treatment with Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Anne-Laure Couderc, X. Muracciole, E. Nouguerede, D. Rey, S. Schneider, P. Champsaur, E. Lechevallier, L. Lalys, P. Villani

01.02.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Transition to a More even Distribution of Daily Protein Intake is Associated with Enhanced Fat Loss during a Hypocaloric & Physical Activity Intervention in Obese Older Adults

S. Farsijani, J. A. Cauley, A. J. Santanasto, N. W. Glynn, R. M. Boudreau, Anne B. Newman

01.02.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Factors Associated with Frailty Syndrome in Older Adults

Alessandra Barbosa da Silva, I. Queiroz de Souza, I. K. da Silva, M. Borges Lopes Tavares da Silva, A. C. Oliveira dos Santos

01.02.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Association between Dietary Protein Intake and Cognitive Function in Adults Aged 60 Years and Older

Y. Li, S. Li, W. Wang, Dongfeng Zhang

06.12.2019 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Cachexia and Cognitive Function in the Community-Dwelling Older Adults: Mediation Effects of Oral Health

R. Y. C. Kwan, C. W. Kwan, X. Bai, Iris Chi

01.02.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2020

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Risk Factors in Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Cohort Investigation of Elderly Patients

A.-N. Yang, X.-L. Wang, H.-R. Rui, H. Luo, M. Pang, Xin-Man Dou

01.02.2020 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 2/2020

Reply to: The Future of Geriatrics

A. Marengoni

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