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The journal of nutrition, health & aging

The journal of nutrition, health & aging 3/2014

Ausgabe 3/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Dietary patterns as predictors of successful ageing

Allison M. Hodge, K. O’Dea, D. R. English, G. G. Giles, L. Flicker

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Sexually dimorphic patterns of nutritional intake and eating behaviors in community-dwelling older adults with normal and slow gait speed

Debra L. Waters, S. J. Wayne, S. Andrieu, M. Cesari, D. T. Villareal, P. Garry, B. Vellas

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Eating and aging: Trends in dietary intake among older Americans from 1977–2010

R. Johnston, J. M. Poti, Barry M. Popkin

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Diet quality in elderly Portuguese households

D. M. Santos, S. S. P. Rodrigues, B. M. P. M. De Oliveira, M. D. Vaz De Almeida

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Association between diet quality with concurrent vision and hearing impairment in older adults

Bamini Gopinath, J. Schneider, V. M. Flood, C. M. McMahon, G. Burlutsky, S. R. Leeder, P. Mitchell

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Nutritional status according to Mini Nutritional Assessment is related to functional status in geriatric patients — independent of health status

Eva Schrader, C. Baumgartel, H. Gueldenzoph, P. Stehle, W. Uter, C. C. Sieber, D. Volkerf

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Association between nutritional status (MNA®-SF) and frailty (SHARE-FI) in acute hospitalised elderly patients

T. E. Dorner, Eva Luger, J. Tschinderle, K. V. Stein, S. Haider, A. Kapan, C. Lackinger, K. E. Schindler

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Nutritional risk, nutritional status and incident disability in older adults. The FRADEA Study

M. Martinez-Reig, L. Gomez-Arnedo, S. A. Alfonso-Silguero, G. Juncos-Martinez, L. Romero, Pedro Abizanda Soler

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

A pilot study of the SARC-F scale on screening sarcopenia and physical disability in the Chinese older people

L. Cao, S. Chen, C. Zou, X. Ding, L. Gao, Z. Liao, G. Liu, T. K. Malmstrom, J. E. Morley, J. H. Flaherty, Y. An, Birong Dong

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Prevalence and associated factors of sarcopenia among elderly in Brazil: Findings from the SABE study

Tiago da Silva Alexandre, Y. A. de Oliveira Duarte, J. L. Ferreira Santos, R. Wong, M. L. Lebrão

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Souvenaid®: A new approach to management of early Alzheimer’s disease

C. W. Ritchie, J. Bajwa, G. Coleman, K. Hope, R. W. Jones, M. Lawton, M. Marven, P. Passmore

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Body mass index is related to autonomic nervous system activity as measured by heart rate variability — A replication using short term measurements

Julian Koenig, M. N. Jarczok, M. Warth, R. J. Ellis, C. Bach, T. K. Hillecke, J. F. Thayer

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Anxiety after a fall in elderly subjects and subsequent risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder at two months. A pilot study

Frédéric Bloch, M. Blandin, R. Ranerison, Y. E. Claessens, A. S. Rigaud, G. Kemoun

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Spatial variability during gait initiation while dual tasking is increased in individuals with mild cognitive impairment

S. Boripuntakul, S. R. Lord, M. A. D. Brodie, S. T. Smith, P. Methapatara, N. Wongpakaran, Somporn Sungkarat

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Lifestyle habits and mortality from all and specific causes of death: 40-year follow-up in the Italian Rural Areas of the Seven Countries Study

A. Menotti, P. E. Puddu, M. Lanti, G. Maiani, G. Catasta, A. Alberti Fidanza

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Association of calcium concentration with pulse pressure in older women: Data from a large population-based multicentric study

L. Mateus-Hamdan, O. Beauchet, Y. Rolland, A. -M. Schott, Cedric Annweiler

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Do not resuscitate orders and aging: Impact of multimorbidity on the decision-making process

L. De Decker, C. Annweiler, C. Launay, B. Fantino, Olivier Beauchet

01.03.2014 | Erratum | Ausgabe 3/2014

Erratum to: Dyspnea: A Strong Independent Factor for Long-Term Mortality in the Elderly

M. Berraho, C. Nejjari, K. El Rhazi, J. F. Tessier, J. F. Dartigues, P. Barberger-Gateau, C. Raherison

01.03.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

The association of hemoglobin concentration with disability and decreased mobility among older Brazilians

Ligiana Pires Corona, F. C. Drumond Andrade, Y. A. De Oliveira Duarte, M. L. Lebrao

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