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The journal of nutrition, health & aging

The journal of nutrition, health & aging 4/2010

Ausgabe 4/2010

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Ten-year trends in dietary intake, health status and mortality rates in free-living elderly people

E. D. Toffanello, E. M. Inelmen, N. Minicuci, F. Campigotto, Giuseppe Sergi, A. Coin, F. Miotto, G. Enzi, E. Manzato

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

The use of calf circumference measurement as an anthropometric tool to monitor nutritional status in elderly inpatients

Kátia Cristina Portero-McLellan, C. Staudt, F. R. F. Silva, J. L. Delbue Bernardi, P. Baston Frenhani, V. A. Leandro Mehri

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Exploring cut-off values for large waist circumference in older adults: A new methodological approach

N. Heim, M. B. Snijder, M. W. Heymans, D. J. H. Deeg, J. C. Seidell, M. Visser

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Comparison of two frailty measures in the Conselice Study of Brain Ageing

A. Lucicesare, R. E. Hubbard, N. Fallah, P. Forti, S. D. Searle, A. Mitnitski, G. Ravaglia, K. Rockwood

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Short-term influence of elevation of plasma homocysteine levels on cognitive function in young healthy adults

P. Alexopoulos, S. Lehrl, T. Richter-Schmidinger, A. Kreusslein, T. Hauenstein, F. Bayerl, P. Jung, T. Kneib, A. Kurz, J. Kornhuber, S. Bleich

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Predictive factors of hospitalizations in Alzheimer’s disease: A two-year prospective study in 686 patients of the REAL.FR study

T. Voisin, S. Andrieu, C. Cantet, B. Vellas, REAL.FR Group

01.04.2010 | Editorial | Ausgabe 4/2010

Early Alzheimer’s trials: New developments

B. Vellas, P. S. Aisen

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Pre-dementia Alzheimer’s trials: Overview

P. S. Aisen

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

The potential and limits for clinical trials for early Alzheimer’s disease and some recommendations

L. S. Schneider

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Evolving early (pre-dementia) Alzheimer’s disease trials: Suit the outcomes to the population and study design

R. S. Doody

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Clinical trials for early (pre-dementia) Alzheimer’s disease: A case for mild cognitive impairment

R. C. Petersen

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Seeing with new eyes: Finding a path to early intervention trials in Alzheimer’s disease

J. M. Cedarbaum, G. Crans, M. Grundman

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Dose ranging for trials through biomarkers of drug effects

W. Z. Potter

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Study design considerations: Conducting global clinical trials in early Alzheimer’s disease

R. J. Schindler

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Methodological issues in a cluster-randomized trial to prevent dementia by intensive vascular care

E. Richard, S. A. Ligthart, E. P. Moll van Charante, W. A. van Gool

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Does chair type influence outcome in the timed “up and go” test in older persons?

Sebastiana Z. Kalula, G. H. Swingler, A. A. Sayer, M. Badri, M. Ferreira

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Which generic health related quality of life questionnaire should be used in older inpatients: Comparison of the duke health profile and the MOS short-form SF-36?

Christine Perret-Guillaume, S. Briancon, F. Guillemin, D. Wahl, F. Empereur, P. L. Nguyen Thi

01.04.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Zinc intake and the risk of hyperglycemia among Chinese adults: The prospective Jiangsu nutrition study (JIN)

Zumin Shi, B. Yuan, L. Qi, Y. Dai, H. Zuo, M. Zhou

01.04.2010 | Letter to the editor | Ausgabe 4/2010

New insight into mode of action of Colostrinin™

Michael G. Stewart

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