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The journal of nutrition, health & aging

The journal of nutrition, health & aging 4/2011

Ausgabe 4/2011

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.04.2011 | JNHA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2011

What is associated with nutrition risk in very old age?

Carol A. Wham, R. O. Y. Teh, M. Robinson, N. M. Kerse

01.04.2011 | JNHA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2011

Country of origin predicts nutrition risk among community living older people

Carol Wham, R. Carr, F. Heller

01.04.2011 | JNHA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2011

Prohepcidin and iron metabolism parameters in the obese elderly patients with anemia

Justyna Przybyszewska, E. Zekanowska, K. Kedziora-Kornatowska, J. Boinska, R. Cichon, K. Porzych

01.04.2011 | JNHA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2011

Association of dental prosthetic condition with food consumption and the risk of malnutrition and follow-up 4- year mortality risk in elderly Taiwanese

Alan C. Tsai, T. -L. Chang

01.04.2011 | JNHA: Clinical Neurosciences | Ausgabe 4/2011

The Five-Times-Sit-to-stand test, a marker of global cognitive functioning among community-dwelling older women

Cédric Annweiler, A. -M. Schott, G. Abellan Van Kan, Y. Rolland, H. Blain, B. Fantino, F. R. Herrmann, O. Beauchet

01.04.2011 | JNHA: Clinical Neurosciences | Ausgabe 4/2011

Study of telomere length and different markers of oxidative stress in patients with Parkinson’s disease

G. Watfa, C. Dragonas, T. Brosche, R. Dittrich, C. C. Sieber, C. Alecu, Athanase Benetos, R. Nzietchueng

01.04.2011 | Arginine and Pressure Ulcers in Peg Patients | Ausgabe 4/2011

Lower plasma arginine in enteral tube-fed patients with pressure ulcer and improved pressure ulcer healing after arginine supplementation by arginaidwater

Junichi Yatabe, F. Saito, I. Ishida, A. Sato, M. Hoshi, K. Suzuki, T. Kameda, S. Ueno, M. S. Yatabe, T. Watanabe, H. Sanada

01.04.2011 | JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2011

Effects of food groups and dietary nutrients on bone loss in elderly Chinese population

Ruth Chan, J. Woo, J. Leung

01.04.2011 | Biological Risk and Visual Impairment | Ausgabe 4/2011

Biological risk of older adults with visual impairments

B. A. Steinman, S. Vasunilashorn

01.04.2011 | Folate Status, Diabetes, Antihypertensive Medication and Age-Related Cataracts | Ausgabe 4/2011

Association between folate status, diabetes, antihypertensive medication and age-related cataracts in elderly Taiwanese

Kuan-Ju Chen, W. -H. Pan, C. -J. Huang, Bi-Fong Lin

01.04.2011 | JNHA: Geriatric Science | Ausgabe 4/2011

The interrelationships among albumin, nutrient intake, and inflammation in elderly recuperative care patients

Dennis H. Sullivan, L. E. Johnson, R. A. Dennis, P. K. Roberson, M. Heif, K. K. Garner, Melinda M. Bopp

01.04.2011 | Ausgabe 4/2011

6th IANA (International Academy on Nutrition and Aging) Meeting April 14, 2011

Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi Nuovo Polo Congressuale, in Bologna, Italy

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