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The journal of nutrition, health & aging

The journal of nutrition, health & aging 4/2012

Ausgabe 4/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 26 Artikel )

01.04.2012 | JHNA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2012

Frailty and aging

S. Sourdet, M. E. Rouge-Bugat, B. Vellas, F. Forette

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2012

New therapeutic targets in dermatoporosis

G. Kaya

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2012

Serum carotenoids and pulmonary function in older community-dwelling women

Richard D. Semba, S. S. Chang, K. Sun, S. Talegawkar, L. Ferrucci, L. P. Fried

01.04.2012 | Obesity in Menorca Elders | Ausgabe 4/2012

Body mass index, life-style, and healthy status in free living elderly people in menorca island

A. Ferra, M. Del Mar Bibiloni, M. E. Zapata, J. Pich, A. Pons, Josep A. Tur

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2012

Patterns of dietary supplement use among older men and women in the UK: Findings from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study

H. J. Denison, K. A. Jameson, H. E. Syddall, E. M. Dennison, C. Cooper, A. Aihie Sayer, S. M. Robinson

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Nutrition | Ausgabe 4/2012

Screening for frailty in elderly emergency department patients by using the Identification of Seniors At Risk (ISAR)

Fabio Salvi, V. Morichi, A. Grilli, L. Lancioni, L. Spazzafumo, S. Polonara, A. M. Abbatecola, G. De Tommaso, P. Dessi-Fulgheri, F. Lattanzio

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Clinical Neurosciences | Ausgabe 4/2012

Nutrition and vascular dementia

L. Perez, L. Helm, A. Dean Sherzai, K. Jaceldo-Siegl, A. Sherzai

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Clinical Neurosciences | Ausgabe 4/2012

Hydration and cognitive performance

M. Secher, Patrick Ritz

01.04.2012 | Subthreshold Depression in Older Subjects: An Unmet Therapeutic Need | Ausgabe 4/2012

Recruitment, retention and other methodological issues related to clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease

B. Vellas

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2012

Recruitment methods for united states Alzheimer disease prevention trials

L. S. Schneider

01.04.2012 | Is There a Rationale for Including Only Patients Already Being Treated with Cetylcholinesterase | Ausgabe 4/2012

Is there a rationale for including only patients already being treated with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors in a prodromal AD trial?

M. Grundman, E. Yang, A. Dibernardo

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2012

Alzheimer’s disease therapeutic trials: EU/US task force report on recruitment, retention, and methodology

B. Vellas, H. Hampel, M. E. Rouge-Bugat, M. Grundman, S. Andrieu, S. Abu-Shakra, R. Bateman, R. Berman, R. Black, M. Carrillo, M. Donohue, M. Mintun, J. Morris, R. Petersen, R. G. Thomas, J. Suhy, L. Schneider, L. Seely, P. Tariot, J. Touchon, M. Weiner, C. Sampaio, P. Aisen, Task Force Participants

01.04.2012 | Are Biomarkers Harmful to Recruitment and Retention in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials? | Ausgabe 4/2012

Are biomarkers harmful to recruitment and retention in Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials? An international perspective

H. Hampel, D. Prvulovic

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2012

Task force on Alzheimer’s disease trial methodology: Recruitment and retention, data management and analysis. The use of imaging in recruitment: Maintenance and methodological issues in Alzheimer’s trials

J. Suhy

01.04.2012 | Representations and Practices of Prevention in Elderly Populations | Ausgabe 4/2012

Representations and practices of prevention in elderly populations: Investigating acceptance to participate in and adhesion to an intervention study for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease (accept study) — The need for a multidisciplinary approach

S. Andrieu, N. Coley, V. Gardette, J. Subra, S. Oustric, T. Fournier, J. -P. Poulain, D. Coniasse-Brioude, V. Igier, B. Vellas, A. Grand

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2012

Recruitment strategies for preventive trials. The MAPT study (Multidomain Alzheimer Preventive Trial)

I. Carrie, G. Abellan Van Kan, S. Gillette-Guyonnet, S. Andrieu, J. -F. Dartigues, J. Touchon, T. Dantoine, O. Rouaud, M. Bonnefoy, P. Robert, M. -N. Cuffi, L. Bories, S. Bordes, Y. Gasnier, F. Desclaux, K. Sudres, A. Pesce, B. Vellas

01.04.2012 | MMRM Versus Slope Models in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials | Ausgabe 4/2012

Mixed model of repeated measures versus slope models in Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials

M. C. Donohue, P. S. Aisen

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2012

Glutamine preconditioning protects against local and systemic injury induced by orthopaedic surgery

Colin G. Murphy, R. Stapelton, G. C. Chen, D. C. Winter, D. J. Bouchier-Hayes

01.04.2012 | Physical Activity Level and Functional Ability of Older People Using Domestic Services | Ausgabe 4/2012

Efficacy of a home-based intervention programme on the physical activity level and functional ability of older people using domestic services: A randomised study

Marc Bonnefoy, F. Boutitie, C. Mercier, F. Gueyffier, C. Carre, G. Guetemme, B. Ravis, M. Laville, C. Cornu

01.04.2012 | A Multifaceted Intervention Model | Ausgabe 4/2012

A multifaceted intervention model can give a lasting improvement of older peoples’ nutritional status

B. Lorefält, Susan Wilhelmsson

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2012

Prospective observational study of isoflavone and the risk of stroke recurrence: Potential clinical implications beyond vascular function

Y. -H. Chan, K. -K. Lau, K. -H. Yiu, C. -W. Siu, H. -T. Chan, S. -W. Li, S. Tam, T. -H. Lam, C. -P. Lau, Hung-Fat Tse

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Biology and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2012

Effects of genistein and daidzein on hippocampus neuronal cell proliferation and BDNF expression in H19-7 neural cell line

Meixia Pan, Hongyu Han, Caiyun Zhong, Qingshan Geng

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Biology and Aging | Ausgabe 4/2012

The effect of methionine supplementation of the AIN-93G semi-synthetic diet on the levels of homocysteine and lipids in experimental rats

R. Bieżanowska-Kopeć, T. Leszczyńska

01.04.2012 | Probiotics in the Gastrointestinal Diseases of the Elderly | Ausgabe 4/2012

Probiotics in the gastrointestinal diseases of the elderly

G. Malaguarnera, F. Leggio, M. Vacante, M. Motta, M. Giordano, A. Biondi, F. Basile, S. Mastrojeni, A. Mistretta, Mariano Malaguarnera, M. A. Toscano, M. Salmeri

01.04.2012 | Analyses of Laboratory Data and Establishment of Reference Values and Intervals | Ausgabe 4/2012

Analyses of laboratory data and establishment of reference values and intervals for healthy elderly people

Keisuke Kubota, T. Kadomura, K. Ohta, K. Koyama, H. Okuda, M. Kobayashi, C. Ishii, Y. Fujiwara, T. Nishioka, Y. Ohmae, T. Ohmae, M. Kitajima

01.04.2012 | JNHA: Geriatric Science | Ausgabe 4/2012

Walk on the sunny side of life — Epidemiology of hypovitaminosis D and mental health in elderly nursing home residents

V. Verhoeven, K. Vanpuyenbroeck, M. Lopez-Hartmann, J. Wens, R. Remmen

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