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Updates in Surgery

Updates in Surgery 6/2021

Ausgabe 6/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 47 Artikel )

22.04.2021 | Review Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery for single-incision cholecystectomy: an updated systematic review

Weier Wang, Xiaodong Sun, Fangqiang Wei

04.09.2021 | Review Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

Comparing and contrasting clinical consensus and guidelines for anal intraepithelial neoplasia in different geographical regions

Danielle R. L. Brogden, Micol E. E. Lupi, Oliver J. Warren, Christos Kontovounisios, Sarah C. Mills

28.01.2021 | Review Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair analysis in relation to postoperative abdominal compartment syndrome and delayed abdominal closure

Karina Miura da Costa, Amulya Kumar Saxena

17.04.2021 | Review Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Surgical therapy for chronic internal carotid artery occlusion: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Genmao Cao, Jie Hu, Qinqin Tian, Honglin Dong, Wayne W. Zhang

01.12.2021 | Review Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

The innate aptitude’s effect on the surgical task performance: a systematic review

Michael El Boghdady, Beatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist

10.06.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Comparison of two different surgical strategies for breast cancer patients treated with mastectomy plus sentinel lymph node biopsy

Xing Zhang, Qian Shen, Yu-Jie Hu

20.05.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Early diagnosis of anastomotic leakage in colorectal surgery: prospective observational study of the utility of inflammatory markers and determination of pathological levels

Melody Baeza-Murcia, Graciela Valero-Navarro, Enrique Pellicer-Franco, Victoriano Soria-Aledo, Monica Mengual-Ballester, Jose Andres Garcia-Marin, Lidia Betoret-Benavente, Jose Luis Aguayo-Albasini

05.01.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

The use of an implemented infection prevention bundle reduces the incidence of surgical site infections after colorectal surgery: a retrospective single center analysis

Damiano Caputo, Alessandro Coppola, Tommaso Farolfi, Vincenzo La Vaccara, Silvia Angeletti, Chiara Cascone, Massimo Ciccozzi, Roberto Coppola

15.02.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

The impact of intracorporeal anastomosis in right laparoscopic colectomy in the surgical site infections and the hospital stay: a cohort study

Carlos Hoyuela, Salvador Guillaumes, Jordi Ardid, Nils J. Hidalgo, Irene Bachero, Miquel Trias, Antoni Martrat

15.05.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Completely intracorporeal anastomosis in robotic left colonic and rectal surgery: technique and 30-day outcomes

Pietro Achilli, William Perry, Fabian Grass, Mohamed A. Abd El Aziz, Scott R. Kelley, David W. Larson, Kevin T. Behm

05.06.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

Mucosa plication reinforced colorectal anastomosis and trans-anal vacuum drainage: a pilot study with preliminary results

Alexander Ferko, Juraj Váňa, Marek Adámik, Adam Švec, Michal Žáček, Michal Demeter, Marián Grendár

08.07.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Sexual dysfunction following surgery for rectal cancer: a single-institution experience

William R. G. Perry, Mohamed A. Abd El Aziz, Emilie Duchalais, Fabian Grass, Kevin T. Behm, Kellie L. Mathis, Scott R. Kelley

18.06.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Implementation barriers for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) in rectal cancer surgery: a comparative analysis of compliance with colon cancer surgeries

Patricia Tejedor, Santiago González Ayora, Mario Ortega López, Miguel León Arellano, Hector Guadalajara, Damián García-Olmo, Carlos Pastor

18.02.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Implementation of enhanced recovery after surgery and its increasing compliance improved 5-year overall survival in resectable stage III colorectal cancer

Varut Lohsiriwat, Sarinda Lertbannaphong, Bundhawich Polakla, Woramin Riansuwan

02.04.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

High-pressure CO2 insufflation is a risk factor for postoperative ileus in patients undergoing TaTME

Michele Grieco, Flavio Tirelli, Annamaria Agnes, Pietro Santocchi, Alberto Biondi, Roberto Persiani

04.01.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Development and validation of risk prediction score for incisional surgical site infection after appendectomy

Sameh Hany Emile, Ahmed Hossam Elfallal, Samy Abbas Elbaz, Ahmed Magdy Elmetwally

10.11.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Re-laparoscopy for the treatment of complications after laparoscopic appendectomy: is it possible to maintain the minimally invasive approach?

María A. Casas, Francisco Laxague, Francisco Schlottmann, Emmanuel Ezequiel Sadava

04.07.2021 | COVID-19 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

Appendectomy during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy: a multicenter ambispective cohort study by the Italian Society of Endoscopic Surgery and new technologies (the CRAC study)

Alberto Sartori, Mauro Podda, Emanuele Botteri, Roberto Passera, Ferdinando Agresta, Alberto Arezzo, the CRAC Study Collaboration Group

02.01.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Transduodenal surgical ampullectomy: a procedure that requires a multidisciplinary approach

Fabio Francesco di Mola, Paolo Panaccio, Tommaso Grottola, Antonio De Bonis, Giovanni Sapia, Maira Farrukh, Pierluigi di Sebastiano

23.06.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Risk factors and impact on bile leakage in patients with choledochal cysts: a retrospective case–control analysis

Chengwei Yan, Jian Cao, Chao Zheng, Baili Chen, Chunbao Guo

31.08.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

Comparison of a new gasless method and the conventional CO2 pneumoperitoneum method in laparoendoscopic single-site cholecystectomy: a prospective randomized clinical trial

Min Jiang, Gang Zhao, Anhua Huang, Kai Zhang, Bo Wang, Zhaoyan Jiang, Kan Ding, Hai Hu

20.03.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Ileo-right colonic reconstruction preserving all four colonic vessels after esophagectomy for cancer

Shirou Kuwabara, Kazuaki Kobayashi, Hiroaki Uehara, Makoto Aoki, Akira Kubota, Masaru Komatsu, Rina Harada, Shiori Utsumi

24.05.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Robotic Heller-Dor for Idiopathic Achalasia: the Pisa experience

Stefano Santi, Mario Antonio Belluomini, Simone D’Imporzano, Maria Grazia Bellomini, Biagio Solito, Debora Gianetri, Patrizia Giusti, Giovanni Pallabazzer

04.04.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

Computational evaluation of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

Ilaria Toniolo, Chiara Giulia Fontanella, Michel Gagner, Cesare Stefanini, Mirto Foletto, Emanuele Luigi Carniel

01.07.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Introducing routine intraoperative nerve monitoring in a high-volume endocrine surgery centre: a health technology assessment

Francesco Paolo Prete, Lucia Ilaria Sgaramella, Giovanna Di Meo, Alessandro Pasculli, Giovanna Calculli, Gianluigi Protopapa, Angela Gurrado, Mario Testini

26.05.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

Can we routinely identify the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerves with neural monitoring?: a prospective report on 176 consecutive nerves at risk

Paolo Del Rio, Elena Bonati, Tommaso Loderer, Matteo Rossini, Federico Cozzani

21.07.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

The sensorimotor changes of the lower lip and chin after transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach

Guibin Zheng, Xiaojie Wang, Guochang Wu, Haiqing Sun, Chi Ma, Haitao Zheng, Xicheng Song

07.06.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

How should we define cure after parathyroidectomy for normocalcemic primary hyperparathyroidism? A retrospective cohort study

Oscar Cano-Valderrama, Santiago Ochagavía, Concepción Sanabria, Cristina Familiar, Jesús Díaz, Sara Picazo, Patricia Sáez-Carlin, Antonio J. Torres

19.06.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Partial versus total adrenalectomy for the treatment of unilateral aldosterone-producing adenoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Kun-peng Li, Xi Duan, Xue-song Yang, Jing Huang, Tao Wu

20.04.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

The Alexis® system for laparoscopic splenectomy in pediatric patients

Emanuele Trovalusci, Marco Gasparella, Cristina Pizzato, Paola Midrio

13.06.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

Jain point: an alternate laparoscopic non-umbilical first blind entry port to avoid vessel, viscera, adhesions and bowel (VVAB)

Nutan Jain, Vandana Jain, Anadeep Chandi, Sakshi Srivastava, Shalini Singh, N. Vasundhara

22.05.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021 Open Access

Pediatric endoscopic pilonidal sinus treatment (PEPSiT): what we learned after a 3-year experience in the pediatric population

Ciro Esposito, Ernesto Montaruli, Giuseppe Autorino, Mario Mendoza-Sagaon, Maria Escolino

20.08.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Comparison of the Keystone flap and the Limberg flap technique in the surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus disease

Akin Calisir, Ilhan Ece

29.09.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Percutaneous-assisted vs mini-laparoscopic hysterectomy: comparison of ultra-minimally invasive approaches

Stefano Cianci, Emanuele Perrone, Cristiano Rossitto, Francesco Fanfani, Alessandro Tropea, Antonio Biondi, Giovanni Scambia, Salvatore Gueli Alletti

08.06.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Intrauterine infusion of platelet-rich plasma for severe Asherman syndrome: a cutting-edge approach

Elena Puente Gonzalo, Luis Alonso Pacheco, Auxiliadora Vega Jiménez, Salvatore Giovanni Vitale, Antonio Raffone, Antonio Simone Laganà

06.07.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Lung sparing left secondary carina resection for low-grade tumors: a single-center study

Alessio Campisi, Liang Chen, Andrea Dell’Amore, Angelo Paolo Ciarrocchi, Zhexin Wang, Heng Zhao, Franco Stella, Feng Yao

03.04.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

A simple “passive awareness” intervention to decrease the cost of thoracoscopic lobectomy

Richard Liu, Anas Wess, Biniam Kidane, Sadeesh Srinathan, Larry Tan, Gordon Buduhan

01.04.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2021

Embolization of the renal artery before graft nephrectomy: a comparing study to evaluate the possible benefits

A. Panarese, F. D’Anselmi, M. De Leonardis, B. Binda, L. Lancione, F. Pisani

11.11.2021 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 6/2021

Trans-vaginal repair of recurrent rectovaginal fistula with interposition of BIO-A Tissue Reinforcement

Alessia Fassari, Emanuele Santoro, Pasquale Paolantonio, Marco Maria Lirici

12.06.2021 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 6/2021

Endoscopic treatment of an esophagomediastinal fistula arising from a perforated ulcer in Zenker’s diverticulum

Giovanni Rizzo, Alessandro Fancellu, Alberto Porcu

06.08.2021 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 6/2021

Can a simple rule-out tool reliably select patients with solitary Bethesda IV nodules for conservative surgery?

Gianluca Donatini

25.03.2021 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 6/2021

Robotic single-port platform for gynecologic surgery: indications, outcomes and challenges

C. Iavazzo, I. D. Gkegkes

12.04.2021 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 6/2021

Personal technique for minimally invasive VATS lobectomy with en-bloc chest wall resection for T3 NSCLC

Luigi Conti, Rocco Delfanti, Patrizio Capelli

03.05.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 6/2021

Correction to: Clinical relevant pancreatic fistula after pancreatoduodenectomy: when negative amylase levels tell the truth

Francesco Giovinazzo, Ralph Linneman, Giulio Valentino Dalla Riva, Daniele Greener, Christopher Morano, Gijs A. Patijn, Mark G. H. Besselink, Vincent B. Nieuwenhuijs, Mohammad Abu Hilal, Artificial Intelligence Pancreatic Fistula Group

11.05.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 6/2021

Correction to: Posture and dysphonia associations in patients undergoing total thyroidectomy: stabilometric analysis

Bruno Galletti, Melissa Sciumè, Natalia Catalano, Francesco Gazia, Francesco Freni, Rocco Bruno, Patrizia Longo, Antonella Pino, Ettore Caruso, Daqi Zhang, Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Francesco Galletti

03.06.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 6/2021

Correction to: Systematic review of prospective studies focused on regionalization of care in surgical oncology

Shokhi Goel, Matthew M. Symer, Talal Alzghari, Becky Baltich Nelson, Heather L. Yeo

18.08.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 6/2021

Correction to: Total pancreatectomy sequelae and quality of life: results of islet autotransplantation as a possible mitigation strategy

Francesca Aleotti, Rita Nano, Lorenzo Piemonti, Massimo Falconi, Gianpaolo Balzano

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