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European Journal of Pathology

1997 - 2023
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Sonderheft 1/2023
35th European Congress of Pathology - Abstracts
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The Official Journal of the European Society of Pathology

Mission statement: To advance the scientific basis of human pathology by the publication (encouragement and dissemination) of high quality research (including molecular and translational studies) and thereby contribute to patient care.

Manuscripts of original studies reinforcing the evidence base of modern diagnostic pathology, using immunocytochemical, molecular and ultrastructural techniques, will be welcomed. In addition, papers on critical evaluation of diagnostic criteria but also broadsheets and guidelines with a solid evidence base will be considered. Consideration will also be given to reports of work in other fields relevant to the understanding of human pathology as well as manuscripts on the application of new methods and techniques in pathology. Submission of purely experimental articles is discouraged but manuscripts on experimental work applicable to diagnostic pathology are welcomed. Biomarker studies are welcomed but need to abide by strict rules (e.g. REMARK) of adequate sample size and relevant marker choice. Single marker studies on limited patient series without validated application will as a rule not be considered. Case reports will only be considered when they provide substantial new information with an impact on understanding disease or diagnostic practice.

Virchows Archiv
Volume 430/1997 - Volume 483/2023
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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