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Open Access 21.09.2023 | Case Report

Clear Cell Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Maxillary Gingiva Associated with PIK3CA and HRAS Mutations: Report of a Case and Literature Review

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common malignancy of the oral cavity [ 1 ]. Oral SCC (OSCC) is SCC that arises from the oral mucosal epithelium and has different histological subtypes, including basaloid, verrucous, spindle cell …

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Katsutoshi Hirose, Takumi Shibahara, Akari Teramoto, Yu Usami, Sawako Ono, Yuri Iwamoto, Shumei Murakami, Kaori Oya, Narikazu Uzawa, Daisuke Motooka, Yumiko Hori, Eiichi Morii, Satoru Toyosawa

21.09.2023 | Research

HPV-Associated Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Eyelid: Diagnostic Utility of p16 Immunohistochemistry and mRNA In Situ Hybridization

Malignant squamous lesions of ocular and adnexal structures include a morphological spectrum from intraepithelial neoplasia to invasive squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). SCC comprises 4 to 12% of malignant epithelial tumours of the eyelid, with …

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Aanchal Kakkar, Kirti Srivastava, S. Deepa, Seema Kashyap, Seema Sen, Sandeep Bhoriwal, Kavneet Kaur, Suryanarayan V. S. Deo

21.09.2023 | Image

Lytic Mastoid Lesion in a Patient with Otalgia

The differential diagnosis for an isolated lytic mastoid lesion is broad, encompassing various conditions requiring careful consideration. These include granulomatous disorders such as Langerhans cell histiocytosis and sarcoidosis, neoplastic …

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Roee Noy, Ido Livneh, Inna Naroditsky, Yona Vaisbuch

21.09.2023 | Image

Orofacial Manifestations in a Middle-Aged Woman with Cowden Syndrome: A Case Image

A 56-year-old Brazilian woman sought dental care, presenting with multiple asymptomatic papillomatous lesions with a coalescent pattern and intermingled cobblestone-like clefts along the alveolar ridge and marginal and attached gingivae. Multiple …

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José Alcides Almeida de Arruda, Clara Herrera Freire, Taísa Domingues Boehmer Leite, César Werneck Noce, Israel Leal Cavalcante, Jéssica de Oliveira Vogel, Ricardo Alves Mesquita, Jefferson R. Tenório, Bruno Augusto Benevenuto de Andrade