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18.09.2021 | Original Article

Gingival recession treatment with enamel matrix derivative associated with coronally advanced flap and subepithelial connective tissue graft: a split-mouth randomized controlled clinical trial with molecular evaluation

Gingival recessions (GRs) are defined as an apical shift of the gingival margin caused by different conditions or pathologies, according to the consensus report of the World Workshop Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases and Conditions (2017). GRs …

18.09.2021 | Original Article Open Access

Bacterial colonisation during regular daily use of a power-driven water flosser and risk for cross-contamination. Can it be prevented?

Regular mechanical cleaning of the teeth including the daily use of a toothbrush together with an interdental cleaning aid is essential to minimise the risk of oral disease [ 1 – 5 ]. However, in order to achieve long-term success, patients have to …

16.09.2021 | Original Article

Relationship between anterior maxillary tooth sagittal root position and periodontal phenotype: a clinical and tomographic study

The term “periodontal phenotype” (PP) is based on both gingival phenotype (GP), represented by gingival thickness (GT), keratinized tissue width (KTW), and thickness of the buccal bone plate [ 1 ]. A systematic review suggested that the components …

14.09.2021 | Original Article

Clinical study comparing the accuracy of interocclusal records, digitally obtained by three different devices

Obtaining a reliable occlusion register with appropriate occlusal contacts is considered of great importance when restoring patients in dentistry workflows [ 1 ]. In prosthetic and restorative procedures to obtain an accurate record and to transfer …

13.09.2021 | Original Article

Phosphorylated PAMAM dendrimers: an analog of dentin non-collagenous proteins, enhancing the osteo/odontogenic differentiation of dental pulp stem cells

Maintaining pulp vitality is critical for tooth homeostasis and longevity [ 1 ]. Vital pulp therapy (VPT) aims to rely on biological materials to provide a conducive environment for the pulp tissue while inducing dentinal bridge formation and …

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The journal Clinical Oral Investigations is a multidisciplinary, international forum for publication of research from all fields of oral medicine. The journal publishes original scientific articles and invited reviews which provide up-to-date results of basic and clinical studies in oral and maxillofacial science and medicine. The aim is to clarify the relevance of new results to modern practice, for an international readership. Coverage includes maxillofacial and oral surgery, prosthetics and restorative dentistry, operative dentistry, endodontics, periodontology, orthodontics, dental materials science, clinical trials, epidemiology, pedodontics, oral implant, preventive dentistiry, oral pathology, oral basic sciences and more.

Clinical Oral Investigations is an organ of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde and the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry

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