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27.09.2022 | Review

Resistance profiles to antifungal agents in Candida albicans isolated from human oral cavities: systematic review and meta-analysis

Oral candidiasis is a common fungal infection. In the majority of cases, these lesions are caused by the yeast Candida albicans [ 1 ]. Candida is an opportunistic microorganism and its growth increases in the presence of certain local and/or …

26.09.2022 | Original Article

Evaluation of soft tissue prediction accuracy for orthognathic surgery with skeletal class III malocclusion using maxillofacial regional aesthetic units

Orthognathic surgery is mainly a hard tissue surgery in which the maxillofacial bones and dentition are placed in a more suitable position. However, skeletal and dental structures act as a framework for supporting soft tissue, and their changes …

26.09.2022 | Original Article

Mechanical stability of angulated zirconia abutments supporting maxillary anterior single crowns on narrow-diameter implants

The replacement of missing anterior teeth often poses challenges to the restorative dentist due to esthetic and function considerations. Implant supported prostheses are increasingly finding acceptance in clinical options with the advantage of not …

24.09.2022 | Original Article

Mandibular stability and condylar changes following orthognathic surgery in mandibular hypoplasia patients associated with preoperative condylar resorption

Orthognathic surgery is the main treatment option for patients with severe mandibular hypoplasia. Le Fort I osteotomy and bilateral sagittal split osteotomy (BSSO) for mandible advancement and counter-clockwise rotation of the maxillomandibular …

24.09.2022 | Original Article

The impact of partially removing the Bichat fat pad in the linear facial measurements, satisfaction with facial aesthetics and quality of life: a single-arm CONSORT-guided clinical trial

The Bichat’s ball or Bichat’s fat pad or buccal fat pad was anatomically described in 1802 by Marie François Xavier Bichat, as a well-circumscribed mass of fatty tissue, of round, encapsulated, and biconvex structure located in the buccal space …

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The journal Clinical Oral Investigations is a multidisciplinary, international forum for publication of research from all fields of oral medicine. The journal publishes original scientific articles and invited reviews which provide up-to-date results of basic and clinical studies in oral and maxillofacial science and medicine. The aim is to clarify the relevance of new results to modern practice, for an international readership. Coverage includes maxillofacial and oral surgery, prosthetics and restorative dentistry, operative dentistry, endodontics, periodontology, orthodontics, dental materials science, clinical trials, epidemiology, pedodontics, oral implant, preventive dentistiry, oral pathology, oral basic sciences and more.

Clinical Oral Investigations is an organ of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde and the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry

Clinical Oral Investigations
Volume 1/1997 - Volume 26/2022
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