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01.12.2022 | Original Article

Perioperative Decrease in Tongue Pressure is an Intervenable Predictor of Aspiration After Esophagectomy

Despite the increasing use of minimally invasive esophagectomies, aspiration pneumonia remains the most serious complication. This study clarified the association between perioperative tongue pressure and postoperative aspiration after …

23.11.2022 | Original Article

Ultrasonography as Biofeedback to Increase Muscle Activation During the Mendelsohn Maneuver in Healthy Adults

The Mendelsohn Maneuver (MM) is a therapeutic strategy that targets reduced laryngeal elevation. Both clinicians and clients identify the MM as one of the more difficult interventions to teach and learn. The purpose of this study was to examine …

21.11.2022 | Original Article

Effect of Modified Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation on Patients with Severe Chronic Neurogenic Dysphagia: A Single-Arm Prospective Study

Current treatments for severe chronic neurogenic dysphagia (SCND) are limited. Modified pharyngeal electrical stimulation (mPES) was modified from pharyngeal electrical stimulation (PES). This prospective study aimed to explore the efficacy and …

Open Access 19.11.2022 | Review

Bioenergetic Evaluation of Muscle Fatigue in Murine Tongue

Muscle fatigue is the diminution of force required for a particular action over time. Fatigue may be particularly pronounced in aging muscles, including those used for swallowing actions. Because risk for swallowing impairment (dysphagia) …

15.11.2022 | Review

Cross-System Integration of Respiration and Deglutition: Function, Treatment, and Future Directions

Swallowing occurs preferentially in the expiratory phase of the quiet breathing cycle and at mid-to-low tidal volume. This coordinative pattern imparts important biomechanical advantages to swallowing and airway protection and facilitate laryngeal …

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Dysphagia is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to swallowing and its disorders. The journal's purpose is to provide an international source of information to physicians and other health professionals interested in this emerging field. Its scope includes all aspects of normal and dysphagic ingestion involving the mouth, pharynx, and esophagus. Accordingly, the journal will draw on expertise from a variety of disciplines including gastroenterology, neurology, otolaryngology, radiology, dentistry, rehabilitation medicine, speech pathology, nursing, dietetics, medical administration, and the basic biomedical sciences. The journal is intended to contribute to the development of this field by fostering communication between interested professionals, by setting forth existing knowledge, and by stimulating further research. Submission of contributions that advance the understanding of normal swallowing as well as those related to dysphagia, its diagnosis, and its clinical management, is encouraged. Dysphagia has been organized in collaboration with leading medical specialists is this field. The journal publishes original papers, technical and instrumental notes, letters to the Editor, and review articles. A separate section contains abstracts of selected papers from the current literature. Reviews of books or monographs and announcements about national or international associations and conferences related to ingestion and dysphagia are published as space is available. The journal assures expeditious review of submitted manuscripts and prompt notification of the authors.

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