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29.11.2022 | Original Article

The effect of external magnetic field on osteogenic and antimicrobial behaviour of surface-functionalized custom titanium chamber with iron nanoparticles. A preliminary research

Implants are a popular option for replacing missing teeth. Topographical features of the implant surface, such as sandblasting, etching, anodizing, plasma spraying, electrophoretic deposition, sol–gel coating, and biomimetic precipitation, promote …

28.11.2022 | Review Article

Psychological stress: neuroimmune roles in periodontal disease

Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that starts with pathogenic bacteria and is mediated by a combination of multiple factors. Psychosomatic factors are considered to be one of the most critical risk factors for periodontal disease.

Open Access 27.11.2022 | Original Article

Evaluation of stress and strain on mandible caused using “All-on-Four” system from PEEK in hybrid prosthesis: finite-element analysis

Hybrid prostheses have recently been used as suitable treatment alternatives for edentulous individuals to restore the mastication mechanism. These prostheses utilize “All on four” concept, in which four implants are inserted into the jaw bone …

Open Access 25.11.2022 | Original Article

Immunohistochemical expression of estrogen receptor alpha in the maxillary sinus, pulp, and periodontal ligament of adjacent teeth in late pregnancy in rats

This study aimed to assess the histological changes in the maxillary sinus and its adjacent dental tissues as pulp and periodontal ligament during pregnancy and investigate the role of estrogen hormone in these changes through the detection of …

21.11.2022 | Original Article

Evaluation of efficacy of new chalcone-based endodontic irrigant against dual biofilm Enterococcus faecalis and Candida albicans: a study in vitro

The aim of this research was to develop a chalcone-based endodontic irrigant for cleaning and disinfecting the root canal. Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) experiments in C. albicans and E. faecalis strains with different aminochalcones (AM) …

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The Journal Odontology covers all disciplines involved in the fields of dentistry and craniofacial research, including molecular studies related to oral health and disease. Peer-reviewed articles cover topics ranging from research on human dental pulp, to comparisons of analgesics in surgery, to analysis of biofilm properties of dental plaque.

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