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21.02.2020 | Original article

Social capital and health status: longitudinal race and ethnicity differences in older adults from 2006 to 2014

In the new Dictionary of Epidemiology of the International Epidemiological Association, social capital has been defined as “the resources—for example, trust, norms, and the exercise of sanctions—available to members of social groups” (Porta 2014 ).

20.02.2020 | Original article

Trends in social inequality in overweight and obesity among adolescents in Denmark 1998–2018

In many countries, overweight and obesity is now one of the most significant public health problems (Ng et al. 2014 ; Seidell and Halberstadt 2015 ). Studies over time show that trends in overweight and obesity vary across national settings …

19.02.2020 | Original article

Acute coronary syndrome and use of biomass fuel among women in rural Pakistan: a case–control study

Globally, some 40% of households cook with solid fuels (wood, charcoal, dung, crop waste and coal) in open fires or simple traditional stoves (Bonjour et al. 2013 ), exposing 3 billion people to high levels of indoor air pollution (IAP) by fine …

18.02.2020 | Original article Open Access

Violence exposure and young people’s vulnerability, mental and physical health

Exposure to violence, as a witness to domestic violence within the family or the subject of direct violence perpetrated within other relationships, is a human rights violation and a damaging global phenomenon experienced by many children and young …

17.02.2020 | Original article

European Union state of health from 1990 to 2017: time trends and its enlargements’ effects

The idea of the European Union (EU) dates back to philosophers/visionaries such as Victor Hugo, who imagined a peaceful “United States of Europe” (Fontaine 2010 ). Although its initial goal was Franco-German peace and economic development, the …

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