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International Journal of Health Economics and Management

International Journal of Health Economics and Management 3/2010

Ausgabe 3/2010

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 5 Artikel )

01.09.2010 | Ausgabe 3/2010

Prescription drug coverage among elderly and disabled Americans: can Medicare—Part D reduce inequities in access?

Panos Kanavos, Marin Gemmill-Toyama

01.09.2010 | Ausgabe 3/2010

The impact of decentralization of health care administration on equity in health and health care in Canada

Hai Zhong

01.09.2010 | Ausgabe 3/2010

Strategic costs and preferences revelation in the allocation of resources for health care

Laura Levaggi, Rosella Levaggi

01.09.2010 | Ausgabe 3/2010

Health care costs during the last 12 months of life in Israel: estimation and implications for risk-adjustment

Amir Shmueli, David Messika, Irit Zmora, Bernice Oberman

01.09.2010 | Ausgabe 3/2010

Privatization of local public hospitals: effect on budget, medical service quality, and social welfare

Hiroshi Aiura, Yasuo Sanjo

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