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International Journal of Health Economics and Management

International Journal of Health Economics and Management 4/2018

Ausgabe 4/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

07.03.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2018

The impact of the minimum wage on health

Elena Andreyeva, Benjamin Ukert

27.03.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2018 Open Access

Rural–urban disparities in the utilization of mental health inpatient services in China: the role of health insurance

Junfang Xu, Jian Wang, Madeleine King, Ruiyun Liu, Fenghua Yu, Jinshui Xing, Lei Su, Mingshan Lu

02.04.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2018

Global budgets in Maryland: early evidence on revenues, expenses, and margins in regulated and unregulated services

Margit Malmmose, Karoline Mortensen, Claus Holm

25.04.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2018

Has inpatient hospital treatment before and after age 65 changed as the difference between private and Medicare payment rates has widened?

Thomas M. Selden, Zeynal Karaca, Sandra Decker

09.05.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2018

Determinants of catastrophic healthcare expenditure in Peru

Diego Proaño Falconi, Eduardo Bernabé

23.02.2018 | Short paper | Ausgabe 4/2018

Preferences, personality and health behaviors: results from an explorative economic experiment

Donata Bessey

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