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Rheumatology International 5/2016

Ausgabe 5/2016

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18.02.2016 | Therapy Review | Ausgabe 5/2016 Open Access

Tailored treatment options for patients with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis: review of established and new biologic and small molecule therapies

Sarah Elyoussfi, Benjamin J. Thomas, Coziana Ciurtin

27.02.2016 | Therapy Review | Ausgabe 5/2016 Open Access

Clinical and regulatory perspectives on biosimilar therapies and intended copies of biologics in rheumatology

Eduardo Mysler, Carlos Pineda, Takahiko Horiuchi, Ena Singh, Ehab Mahgoub, Javier Coindreau, Ira Jacobs

02.03.2016 | Pharmacology Review | Ausgabe 5/2016

Inadequate response or intolerability to oral methotrexate: Is it optimal to switch to subcutaneous methotrexate prior to considering therapy with biologics?

Sujani Yadlapati, Petros Efthimiou

16.11.2015 | Review Article - Safety Review | Ausgabe 5/2016

Reactivation of occult hepatitis B virus infection in patients with rheumatic diseases: pathogenesis, risk assessment and prevention

Masaru Kato, Tatsuya Atsumi

11.03.2016 | Clinical Trials | Ausgabe 5/2016

Assessment of clinical efficacy and safety in a randomized double-blind study of etanercept and sulfasalazine in patients with ankylosing spondylitis from Eastern/Central Europe, Latin America, and Asia

Nemanja Damjanov, Waleed Al Shehhi, Feng Huang, Sameer Kotak, Ruben Burgos-Vargas, Khalid Shirazy, Eustratios Bananis, Annette Szumski, Lyndon J. Q. Llamado, Ehab Mahgoub

29.02.2016 | Clinical Trials | Ausgabe 5/2016

Effectiveness of ultrasound treatment applied with exercise therapy on patients with ankylosing spondylitis: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Duygu Şilte Karamanlioğlu, Ilknur Aktas, Feyza Unlu Ozkan, Meryem Kaysin, Nuray Girgin

21.03.2016 | Meta-Analyses | Ausgabe 5/2016

Comparative efficacy and tolerability of duloxetine, pregabalin, and milnacipran for the treatment of fibromyalgia: a Bayesian network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Young Ho Lee, Gwan Gyu Song

12.01.2016 | Short Communication - Public Health | Ausgabe 5/2016

The non-silent epidemic: low back pain as a primary cause of hospitalisation

Manuela Laffont, Gabriel Sequeira, Eduardo Mario Kerzberg, Elida Marconi, Carlos Guevel, Maria de las Mercedes Fernández

12.01.2016 | Original Article - Public Health | Ausgabe 5/2016

Does weather affect daily pain intensity levels in patients with acute low back pain? A prospective cohort study

Vicky Duong, Chris G. Maher, Daniel Steffens, Qiang Li, Mark J. Hancock

08.01.2016 | Review Article - Review on Disease | Ausgabe 5/2016 Open Access

A structured literature review of the burden of illness and unmet needs in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a current perspective

Peter C. Taylor, Adam Moore, Radu Vasilescu, Jose Alvir, Miriam Tarallo

13.01.2016 | Original Article - Observational Research | Ausgabe 5/2016

Systemic sclerosis and silica exposure: a rare association in a large Brazilian cohort

Luiza F. Rocha, Ana Paula Luppino Assad, Roberta G. Marangoni, Ana Paula Toledo Del Rio, João Francisco Marques-Neto, Percival D. Sampaio-Barros

23.01.2016 | Original Article - Food for Thought | Ausgabe 5/2016

Metabolomics study of fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis naïve to biological treatment

Izabella Surowiec, Clara Gram Gjesdal, Grete Jonsson, Katrine Brække Norheim, Torbjörn Lundstedt, Johan Trygg, Roald Omdal

20.01.2016 | Short Communication - Food for Thought | Ausgabe 5/2016

Screening of celiac disease in children with Henoch-Schoenlein purpura

Alper Soylu, Yeşim Öztürk, Yavuz Doğan, Derya Özmen, Özlem Yılmaz, Pınar Kuyum, Salih Kavukçu

09.01.2016 | Short Communication - Food for Thought | Ausgabe 5/2016

The psychosocial status of the family members of rheumatoid arthritis patients in Korea

Sang Wan Chung, You Jung Ha, Eun Ha Kang, Yun Jong Lee, Yeong Wook Song

12.02.2016 | Short Communication - Food for Thought | Ausgabe 5/2016

How do patients and doctors-to-be perceive systemic lupus erythematosus?

Katarzyna Nowicka-Sauer, Małgorzata Pietrzykowska, Dorota Banaszkiewicz, Adam Hajduk, Zenobia Czuszyńska, Żaneta Smoleńska

10.03.2016 | Food for Thought | Ausgabe 5/2016

Why don’t patients take their analgesics? A meta-ethnography assessing the perceptions of medication adherence in patients with osteoarthritis

T. Dockerty, S. K. Latham, T. O. Smith

14.03.2016 | Food for Thought | Ausgabe 5/2016

Serum levels of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) in fibromyalgia

Jozélio Freire de Carvalho, Daisy Naiana Freitas Silva

04.02.2016 | Case Based Review - Cases with a Message | Ausgabe 5/2016

Bilateral orbital pseudotumor in a patient with Takayasu arteritis: a case report and review of the literature

Ali Taylan, Burak Karakas, Aytac Gulcu, Merih Birlik

24.03.2016 | Education | Ausgabe 5/2016

Correction factor in the force sensed by the prosthetic biomedical device for the squeeze test evaluation

David Vega-Morales, Jorge Antonio Esquivel-Valerio, Mario Alberto Garza-Elizondo

31.03.2016 | Retraction Note | Ausgabe 5/2016

Retraction Note to: Correlation of ESR, C3, C4, anti-DNA and lupus activity based on British Isles Lupus Assessment Group Index in patients of rheumatology clinic

Siavash Nasiri, Mansoor Karimifar, Zahra Sayed Bonakdar, Mansour Salesi

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