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Cancer-associated mucins: role in immune modulation and metastasis

Mucins (MUC) protect epithelial barriers from environmental insult to maintain homeostasis. However, their aberrant overexpression and glycosylation in various malignancies facilitate oncogenic events from inception to metastasis. Mucin-associated …




Tumor pH and metastasis: a malignant process beyond hypoxia

Tumors often show, compared to normal tissues, a markedly decreased extracellular pH resulting from anaerobic or aerobic glycolysis in combination with a reduced removal of acidic metabolites. Several studies indicate that acidosis induces …


MACC1—the first decade of a key metastasis molecule from gene discovery to clinical translation

Deciphering the paths to metastasis and identifying key molecules driving this process is one important issue for understanding and treatment of cancer. Such a key driver molecule is Metastasis Associated in Colon Cancer 1 (MACC1). A decade long …

19.12.2018 Open Access

Applications of Raman spectroscopy in cancer diagnosis

Novel approaches toward understanding the evolution of disease can lead to the discovery of biomarkers that will enable better management of disease progression and improve prognostic evaluation. Raman spectroscopy is a promising investigative and …

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The transformation of biology from a descriptive, phenomenological discipline to one in which the regulatory principles are understood and predictably manipulated brings new opportunities to the study of cancer and the search for effective therapeutic modalities. Cancer and Metastasis Reviews offers a forum for critical review and discussion of these challenges.
Each issue presents five to seven different contributions on a single theme or topic, with an introductory essay from a distinguished individual in the field. Special emphasis is placed on subjects of relevance to the molecular and cellular biology of cancer metastasis and tumor progression, as well as to the treatment of metastatic disease. Occasional issues will be devoted to an in-depth clinical and biological analysis of a particular type of cancer.
The journal also reviews important recent developments in the biology and treatment of malignant disease, and highlights promising new directions.

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