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Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology

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15.10.2018 | Original Article

Methotrexate polyglutamate levels and co-distributions in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia maintenance therapy

The antifolate methotrexate (MTX) is widely used in childhood ALL as high-dose MTX (HD-MTX) and in oral maintenance therapy in combination with mercaptopurine (MP) [ 1 ]. The direct anticancer effect of MTX involves depletion of reduced folates …

15.10.2018 | Review Article

Awakening the “guardian of genome”: reactivation of mutant p53

The role of tumor suppressor protein p53 is undeniable in the suppression of cancer upon oncogenic stress. It induces diverse conditions such as cell-cycle arrest, cell death, and senescence to protect the cell from carcinogenesis. The rate of …

11.10.2018 | Original Article

Clinical and in vitro studies of the correlation between MGMT and the effect of streptozocin in pancreatic NET

Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) are uncommon malignancies but are becoming increasingly more recognized [ 1 ]. The management of patients with pancreatic NETs (panNETs) is not uniform due to the wide spectrum of clinical presentations stemming from …

10.10.2018 | Original Article Open Access

Pharmacokinetic evaluation of the PNC disassembler metarrestin in wild-type and Pdx1-Cre;LSL-KrasG12D/+;Tp53R172H/+ (KPC) mice, a genetically engineered model of pancreatic cancer

Despite metastatic disease dissemination being the main cause of cancer-related mortality, there is a disproportionate paucity of successful drug development efforts selectively targeting metastasis [ 1 – 3 ]. Although there are various well …

09.10.2018 | Original Article

FOXC2 promotes epithelial–mesenchymal transition and cisplatin resistance of non-small cell lung cancer cells

Lung cancer remains the most common cancer in the world [ 1 ]. Although the treatments of lung cancer have been continuous improved, nearly 70% of the lung cancer patients are still suffering from drug resistance [ 2 ]. Therefore, identification of …

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Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology addresses a wide range of pharmacologic and oncologic concerns on both experimental and clinical levels. The primary focus of this rapid publication medium is on new anticancer agents, their experimental screening, preclinical toxicology and pharmacology, single and combined drug administration modalities, and clinical phase I, II and III trials.

The journal publishes results recorded in the following areas: clinical toxicology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug interactions, and indications for chemotherapy in cancer treatment strategy. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology is essential reading for pharmacologists and oncologists.

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