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Cancer Microenvironment

Official Journal of the International Cancer Microenvironment Society

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8th International conference on Tumor Microenvironment, Lisbon, Portugal June 10-14, 2018

03.05.2018 | Review

Exosomes: Definition, Role in Tumor Development and Clinical Implications

Exosomes are microvesicles released by cells in both physiological and pathological situations. They are surrounded by a lipid bilayer with proteins derived from the origin cell, and contain a variety of molecules, such as nucleic acids. They …

10.04.2018 | Original Article

The Influence of Breast Tumour-Derived Factors and Wnt Antagonism on the Transformation of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Tumour-Associated Fibroblasts

Within the tumour stroma, a heterogeneous population of cell types reciprocally regulates cell proliferation, which considerably affects the progression of the disease. In this study, using tumour conditioned medium (TCM) derived from breast …

30.03.2018 | Original Article

Peripheral Blood Cell Interactions of Cancer-Derived Exosomes Affect Immune Function

Cancer-derived exosomes are constitutively produced and secreted into the blood and biofluids of their host patients providing a liquid biopsy for early detection and diagnosis. Given their ubiquitous nature, cancer exosomes influence biological …

27.03.2018 | Commentary

Matrix Metalloproteinase 8: Could it Benefit the CAR-T Cell Therapy of Solid Tumors?- a- Commentary on Therapeutic Potential

Since the first experiences with genetically modified T cells in the 1980s, the concept of adoptive T cell immunotherapy has been evolved extensively [ 1 , 2 ]. The introduction of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), an artificially designed receptor …

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Cancer Microenvironment is the official journal of the International Cancer Microenvironment Society (ICMS). It publishes original studies in all aspects of basic, clinical and translational research devoted to the study of cancer microenvironment. It also features reports on clinical trials.

Coverage in Cancer Microenvironment includes: regulation of gene expression in the cancer microenvironment; innate and adaptive immunity in the cancer microenvironment, inflammation and cancer; tumor-associated stroma and extracellular matrix, tumor-endothelium interactions (angiogenesis, extravasation), cancer stem cells, the metastatic niche, targeting the tumor microenvironment: preclinical and clinical trials.

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