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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 12/2007

Ausgabe 12/2007

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.12.2007 | Editorial | Ausgabe 12/2007

Perioperative and adjuvant treatments for gastric cancer. Definitive new standards of care or are we still on the way?

F. J. Lacueva, I. Oliver

01.12.2007 | News and Views | Ausgabe 12/2007

Friendly bacterium

E. García Jordá

01.12.2007 | Educational Series | Ausgabe 12/2007

The oestrogen-dependent biology of breast cancer. Sensitivity and resistance to aromatase inhibitors revisited: a molecular perspective

A. Urruticoechea

01.12.2007 | Educational Series | Ausgabe 12/2007

Epidermal stem cells in skin homeostasis and cutaneous carcinomas

S. Aznar Benitah

01.12.2007 | Educational Series | Ausgabe 12/2007

Natural products as leads to anticancer drugs

M. Gordaliza

01.12.2007 | Review | Ausgabe 12/2007

Deposition-associated diseases related with a monoclonal compound

M. J. Molina-Garrido, C. Guillén-Ponce, A. Mora, M. Guirado-Risueño, M. A. Molina, M. J. Molina, A. Carrato

01.12.2007 | Special Article | Ausgabe 12/2007

The oncology acute toxicity unit (OATU): an outpatient facility for improving the management of chemotherapy toxicity

M. Majem, M. Galán, F. J. Pérez, M. Muñoz, S. Chicote, G. Soler, M. Navarro, M. Martínez-Villacampa, X. García del Muro, E. Dotor, B. Laquente, J. R. Germà

01.12.2007 | Research Articles | Ausgabe 12/2007

Evidence-based estimation and radiotherapy utilisation rate in Andalusia

J. Jaén Olasolo, E. Alonso Redondo, J. Expósito Hernández, M. D. de las Peñas Cabrera, P. Cabrera Roldán

01.12.2007 | Research Articles | Ausgabe 12/2007

Clinical course of high-grade glioma patients with a “biopsy-only” surgical approach: a need for individualised treatment

C. Balaña, J. Capellades, P. Teixidor, I. Roussos, R. Ballester, M. Cuello, A. Arellano, R. Florensa, R. Rosell

01.12.2007 | Case Reports | Ausgabe 12/2007

Peritoneal carcinomatosis secondary to carcinoid tumour

J. Ruiz-Tovar, N. Alonso Hernández, V. Morales Castiñeiras, E. Lobo Martínez, A. Sanjuanbenito Dehesa, E. Martínez Molina

01.12.2007 | Case Reports | Ausgabe 12/2007

Renal primary angiosarcoma

B. Carnero López, I. Fernández Pérez, J. A. Carrasco Álvarez, M. E. Lázaro Quintela, C. López Jato, M. Jorge Fernández, M. Gentil González, L. Vázquez Tuñas, J. Castellanos Díez

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