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Clinical & Experimental Metastasis

Clinical & Experimental Metastasis 2/2009

Ausgabe 2/2009

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

Src activity alters α3 integrin expression in colon tumor cells

Christina Leah B. Kline, Thomas L. Olson, Rosalyn B. Irby

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

Multiple forms of BRMS1 are differentially expressed in the MCF10 isogenic breast cancer progression model

Douglas R. Hurst, Yi Xie, Mick D. Edmonds, Danny R. Welch

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

Automated CT-based analysis to detect changes in the prevalence of lytic bone metastases from breast cancer

T. Skrinskas, M. Clemons, O. Freedman, I. Weller, C. M. Whyne

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

In vitro binding evaluation of 177Lu-AMBA, a novel 177Lu-labeled GRP-R agonist for systemic radiotherapy in human tissues

Regi Thomas, Jianqing Chen, Martine M. Roudier, Robert L. Vessella, Laura E. Lantry, Adrian D. Nunn

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

Effect of anti-fibrinolytic therapy on experimental melanoma metastasis

Jennifer M. Kirstein, Kevin C. Graham, Lisa T. MacKenzie, Danielle E. Johnston, Leslie J. Martin, Alan B. Tuck, Ian C. MacDonald, Ann F. Chambers

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

A role for leukemia inhibitory factor in melanoma-induced bone metastasis

Shigeaki Maruta, Soichi Takiguchi, Miho Ueyama, Yasufumi Kataoka, Yoshinao Oda, Masazumi Tsuneyoshi, Haruo Iguchi

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

Trefoil factor-3 expression in human colon cancer liver metastasis

Mark Babyatsky, Jing Lin, Xianyang Yio, Anli Chen, Jie-yu Zhang, Yan Zheng, Christina Twyman, Xiuliang Bao, Myron Schwartz, Swan Thung, J. Lawrence Werther, Steven Itzkowitz

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

Identification of invasion specific splice variants of the cytoskeletal protein Mena present in mammary tumor cells during invasion in vivo

Sumanta Goswami, Ulrike Philippar, Daqian Sun, Antonia Patsialou, Jacob Avraham, Weigang Wang, Francesca Di Modugno, Paola Nistico, Frank B. Gertler, John S. Condeelis

01.02.2009 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 2/2009

Activation of MCP-1/CCR2 axis promotes prostate cancer growth in bone

Yi Lu, Qiuyan Chen, Eva Corey, Wen Xie, Jie Fan, Atsushi Mizokami, Jian Zhang

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