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16.11.2022 | Book Reviews

An institutional Lens on the History of One Health

Open Access 13.10.2022 | Original Contribution

Aetiology and Potential Animal Exposure in Central Nervous System Infections in Vietnam

An estimated 73% of emerging infections are zoonotic in origin, with animal contact and encroachment on their habitats increasing the risk of spill-over events. In Vietnam, close exposure to a wide range of animals and animal products can lead to …

11.12.2019 | In This Issue

In This Issue

McClure et al. start off our special feature on land use change by looking at the apportioning of our planet as more land is converted to agriculture. Davidson et al. found that deforestation is a factor in the recent spread of monkey malaria …

06.12.2019 | Editorial

Editorial: Can the Health Implications of Land-use Change Drive Sustainability?

05.12.2019 | What's New

What’s New

The Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) is the flagship conference for the ocean sciences and the larger ocean-connected community. The session invites presentations on ocean sustainability including ocean productivity, marine policies, aquaculture and …

Über diese Zeitschrift

EcoHealth aims to advance research, practice, and knowledge integration at the interface of ecology and health by publishing high quality research and review articles that address and profile new ideas, developments, and programs. The journal’s scope encompasses research that integrates concepts and theory from many fields of scholarship (including ecological, social and health sciences, and the humanities) and draws upon multiple types of knowledge, including those of relevance to practice and policy. Papers address integrated ecology and health challenges arising in public health, human and veterinary medicine, conservation and ecosystem management, rural and urban development and planning, and other fields that address the social-ecological context of health. The journal is a central platform for fulfilling the mission of the International Association for Ecology & Health to strive for sustainable health of people, domestic animals, wildlife, and ecosystems by promoting discovery, understanding, and transdisciplinarity.

The journal invites substantial contributions in the following areas:

One Health and Conservation Medicine

- Integrated research on health of humans, wildlife, livestock and ecosystems
- Research and policy in ecology, public health, and agricultural sustainability
- Emerging infectious diseases affecting people, wildlife, domestic animals, and plants
- Research and practice linking human and animal health and/or social-ecological systems
- Anthropogenic environmental change and drivers of disease emergence in humans, wildlife, livestock and ecosystems
- Health of humans and animals in relation to terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems

Ecosystem Approaches to Health

- Systems thinking and social-ecological systems in relation to health
- Transdisciplinary approaches to health, ecosystems and society
- Multi-stakeholder problem solving and Governance arrangements for social systems, ecosystems and human health
- Ecosystem Sustainability and Health
- Gender and social equity dimensions of health in social-ecological systems
- Knowledge to Action in ecohealth research
- Learning and collaboration across multiple types of knowledge and different fields of research (including ecological, social and health sciences, and the humanities)

Public Health, Ecosystems and Society

- Social-ecological determinants of health inequities, chronic disease and well-being
- Local and global environmental change and impacts on health, ecosystems and biodiversity
- Ecological dynamics of and ecosystem approaches to infectious and chronic disease
- Relationships between development (including international trade and travel),ecosystem sustainability, poverty and health
- Local, traditional and Indigenous knowledge of links between ecosystems and health
- Impacts of urbanization, migration, population growth and land-use change on health and ecosystems
- Ecosystem services for health, equity, and sustainability

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