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European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Ausgabe 2/2016

Inhalt (21 Artikel)

Review Article

From FAST to E-FAST: an overview of the evolution of ultrasound-based traumatic injury assessment

J. Montoya, S. P. Stawicki, D. C. Evans, D. P. Bahner, S. Sparks, R. P. Sharpe, J. Cipolla

Review Article

Bedside ultrasound procedures: musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal

Lydia Sahlani, Laura Thompson, Amar Vira, Ashish R. Panchal

Review Article

Portable ultrasound in disaster triage: a focused review

S. M. Wydo, M. J. Seamon, S. W. Melanson, P. Thomas, D. P. Bahner, S. P. Stawicki

Original Article

Tailored ultrasound learning for acute care surgeons: a review of the MUSEC (Modular UltraSound ESTES Course) project

M. Zago, I. Martinez Casas, J. Pereira, D. Mariani, A. R. Silva, A. Casamassima, E. Barbosa, F. Ferreira, M. Ruesseler, G. A. Bass, L. Ponchietti, F. Butti, M. Marconi, L. F. Pinheiro

Open Access Original Article

A multicentre cross-sectional study to examine physicians’ ability to rule out a distal radius fracture based on clinical findings

M. M. J. Walenkamp, M. P. Rosenwasser, J. C. Goslings, N. W. L. Schep

Original Article

Symphyseal internal rod fixation versus standard plate fixation for open book pelvic ring injuries: a biomechanical study

G. Osterhoff, S. Tiziani, C. Hafner, S. J. Ferguson, H.-P. Simmen, C. M. L. Werner

Original Article

Segway® related injuries in Vienna: report from the Lorenz Böhler Trauma Centre

D. Roider, C. Busch, R. Spitaler, H. Hertz

Original Article

Secondary abdominal compartment syndrome after complicated traumatic lower extremity vascular injuries

F. I. B. Macedo, J. D. Sciarretta, C. A. Otero, G. Ruiz, D. J. Ebler, L. R. Pizano, N. Namias

Original Article

Thorough debridement and immediate primary wound closure for animal bite injuries of the upper limbs

K. Naito, Y. Sugiyama, Y. Igeta, K. Kaneko, O. Obayashi

Original Article

The role of computed tomography in determining delayed intervention for gunshot wounds through the liver

G. Sachwani-Daswani, A. Dombrowski, P. C. Shetty, J. A. Carr

Original Article

Factors affecting morbidity and mortality in pancreatic injuries

Z. Bozdag, M. Kapan, B. V. Ulger, A. Turkoglu, O. Uslukaya, A. Oğuz, M. Aldemir

Original Article

Grade IV renal trauma management. A revision of the AAST renal injury grading scale is mandatory

P. Chiron, E. Hornez, G. Boddaert, M. Dusaud, Y. Bayoud, B. Molimard, F. R. Desfemmes, X. Durand

Original Article

Infectious complications and mortality in an American acute care surgical service

B. R. Bruns, M. Lissauer, R. Tesoriero, M. Narayan, L. Buchanan, S. M. Galvagno Jr., Jose Diaz

Open Access ESTES Guideline

ESTES guidelines: acute mesenteric ischaemia

J. V. T. Tilsed, A. Casamassima, H. Kurihara, D. Mariani, I. Martinez, J. Pereira, L. Ponchietti, A. Shamiyeh, F. al-Ayoubi, L. A. B. Barco, M. Ceolin, A. J. G. D’Almeida, S. Hilario, A. L. Olavarria, M. M. Ozmen, L. F. Pinheiro, M. Poeze, G. Triantos, F. T. Fuentes, S. U. Sierra, K. Soreide, H. Yanar

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