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International Journal of Behavioral Medicine

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12.09.2019 | Full length manuscript

Depressive Symptoms Mediate the Relationship between Emotional Cutoff and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood glucose, insulin resistance, and a relative lack of insulin [ 1 ], is considered a global epidemic, and its prevalence is constantly on the rise [ 2 ]. Type 2 diabetes …

11.09.2019 | Full length manuscript

Adding Telephone and Text Support to an Obesity Management Program Improves Behavioral Adherence and Clinical Outcomes. A Randomized Controlled Crossover Trial

Reducing the prevalence of obesity remains a major public health challenge, demanding effective, broad-scale interventions to support weight management and health behavior change. The intensive approach to behavioral treatment seen within academic …

10.09.2019 | Special Issue: Salivary Bioscience

Long-Term Associations Between Prenatal Maternal Cortisol and Child Neuroendocrine-Immune Regulation

Advancing understanding of the relations between endogenous maternal cortisol during pregnancy and child neuroendocrine and immune system functioning is key to illuminating the development of neuroendocrine-immune (NEI) system coordination. NEI …

14.08.2019 | Integrative Review

Statistical Guideline #3: Designate and Justify Covariates A Priori, and Report Results With and Without Covariates

From the Editors: This is one in a series of statistical guidelines designed to highlight common statistical considerations in behavioral medicine research. The goal was to briefly discuss appropriate ways to analyze and present data in the …


Association Between Employment Status and Short Sleep Duration Among Middle-Aged Japanese: the Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities

Sleep duration is an important lifestyle factor that is closely related to health [ 1 ]. Short sleep duration (SSD) is associated with increased risk of mortality, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, and obesity [ 2 ]. The …

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The International Journal of Behavioral Medicine (IJBM) is the official publication of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM). It presents original research and integrative reviews on interactions among behavioral, psychosocial, environmental, genetic and biomedical factors relevant to health and illness. The scope of the Journal extends from research on biobehavioral mechanisms and clinical studies on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to research on public health, including health promotion and prevention. IJBM publishes research originating from all continents, inviting research on multi-national, multi-cultural and global aspects of health and illness.

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