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International Journal of Behavioral Medicine

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Socioeconomic Disparities in Health Risk Behavior Clusterings Among Korean Adolescents

Health risk behaviors are a main risk factor of various chronic and infectious diseases that account for a large number of premature death [ 1 , 2 ]. Among various health risk behaviors, smoking, drinking, and risky sexual behavior are especially …


The Role of Mindfulness in the Insomnia Severity of Female Chronic Hypnotic Users

Insomnia is the inability to initiate or continue to sleep, despite favorable conditions [ 1 ]. Approximately one third of the adult population report insomnia symptoms, while 6–10% fulfill diagnostic criteria [ 2 ]. Individuals with insomnia often …


Accelerometer-Derived Activity Phenotypes in Young Adults: a Latent Class Analysis

Physical activity is a complex behavior with patterns of physical activity and sedentary time increasingly being described [ 1 ] and suggested to be important for health [ 2 ]. Thompson et al. highlight the multi-dimensional nature of physical …


Influences on Satisfaction with Reconstructed Breasts and Intimacy in Younger Women Following Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy: a Qualitative Analysis

A bilateral prophylactic mastectomy (BPM) is a surgical procedure where both breasts are removed. It is undertaken by women at high risk of developing breast cancer (BC), i.e., those with a strong family history of BC and/or an identified genetic …


Effects of Social Exclusion on Cardiovascular and Affective Reactivity to a Socially Evaluative Stressor

Research demonstrates a robust link between social relationships and health [ 1 – 3 ]. Individuals who feel more interpersonally connected evidence better health outcomes, and those who feel disconnected from others fare worse on outcomes such as …

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The International Journal of Behavioral Medicine (IJBM) is the official publication of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM). It presents original research and integrative reviews on interactions among behavioral, psychosocial, environmental, genetic and biomedical factors relevant to health and illness. The scope of the Journal extends from research on biobehavioral mechanisms and clinical studies on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to research on public health, including health promotion and prevention. IJBM publishes research originating from all continents, inviting research on multi-national, multi-cultural and global aspects of health and illness.

5 Year Impact Factor: 1.937 (2008)
Section "Psychology, Clinical": Rank 41 out of 88

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