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International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries

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13.11.2018 | Abstracts

Abstracts of The 46th Annual Conference of Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India

10.11.2018 | Original Article

Diabetic retinopathy grade as a predictive marker of severity of cardiovascular disease and mortality: DIVERSE Study Group

Patients with diabetic retinopathy (DR) are more likely to have subclinical cardiovascular disease. Objective of this study was to assess the prevalence and association of DR grades along with comorbidities in patients with established …

10.11.2018 | Original Article

A 2018 clinical practice pattern in the management of diabetes in India and Nepal: a three-city study

Knowledge, awareness, and practices with regard to diabetes management in south Asia are not known. This study aimed to determine current clinical practices with regard to managing diabetes in Nepal and India. Doctors attending conferences in …

27.10.2018 | Original Article

Noninvasive screening tool to detect undiagnosed diabetes among young and middle-aged people in Chinese community

To develop a noninvasive screening tool for diagnosing type 2 diabetes among young and middle-aged people in Chinese community. In total, 1432 participants without diabetes diagnosis were enrolled from Chinese communities. Diabetes was defined as …

25.10.2018 | Original Article

The maternal and offsprings’ characteristics associated with HOMA-IR in young adults: a prospective cohort study

Diabetes is an important chronic disease. Many studies from Western countries found that both maternal environment during pregnancy and early offspring life’s factors can lead to diabetes and insulin resistance of offspring during adult life …

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