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08.04.2024 | Correction

Correction: Cancer Stem Cells (CD44+/CD24−), RAD6, DDB2 Immunohistochemistry Expression and IHC-UNEDO Scoring System As Predictor of Ovarian Cancer Chemoresistance

verfasst von:
Unedo Hence Markus Sihombing, Andrijono Andrijono, Gatot Purwoto, Supriadi Gandamihardja, Alida R. Harahap, Primariadewi Rustamadji, Aria Kekalih, Retno Widyawati, Dzicky Rifqi Fuady

06.04.2024 | Case Report

A Twist of Fate: Case Report of Complete Uterine Torsion at Term

Uterine torsion is defined as a pathological rotation of the uterus around its fixed longitudinal or vertical axis by a margin of more than 45 degrees [ 1 ].

verfasst von:
Riya Kumar, Kavita Mahadevappa, Rashmi Desai

06.04.2024 | Original Article

Uptake and Adherence to Using a Menstrual Cup for Managing Menstruation Among Women in Rural Areas of India

Menstruation is accompanied by challenges, myths, taboos, and various societal and cultural stigmas [ 1 ]. Management of periods is still a dream for most menstruating women, and when it comes to resource-poor settings, the situation worsens. Safe …

verfasst von:
Neha Satoiya, BDS, MPH, Maitri Vayeda, MBA, Shrey Desai, MD, MPH, Shobha Shah, PGDPHM, Pankaj Shah, MD

Open Access 06.04.2024 | Original Article

Child Sexual Abuse and Associated Factors Among High School Female Students in Arba Minch Zuria Woreda, Southern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study

verfasst von:
Habtamu Wana Wada, Kassahun Fikadu Tesema, Gebremaryam Temesgen, Dagne Deresa Dinagde

05.04.2024 | Original Article

Construction and Validation of a Clinical Prediction Model for Predicting Tubal Pregnancy Rupture Based on Nomogram

Ectopic pregnancy (EP) is one of the most common acute abdominal diseases in obstetrics and gynecology, with tubal pregnancy accounting for 95% of ectopic pregnancies [ 1 ]. Ectopic pregnancy mortality contributes to 9% to 13% of total maternal …

verfasst von:
Ling Yi, Wenjing Huang, Qunying Liu, Yimei Huang, Yuxian Liu

30.03.2024 | Original Article

Effect of Single and Multiple Methotrexate Doses Treatment on Ovarian Reserve in Ectopic Pregnancy Women: A Prospective Cohort Study

One of the main concerns for women diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy (EP) is the potential adverse effect of the treatment techniques on ovarian reserve and fertility preservation [ 1 ]. EP complicates about 1–2% of all pregnancies, which could lead …

verfasst von:
Mahvash Zargar, Shiva ShahAli, Farideh Moramezi, Nahid Shahbazian

28.03.2024 | Original Article

Evaluation of Bupivacaine Injection Instillation Directly in the Rectus Sheath in LSCS Cases as an Effective Analgesia Method

Lower segment cesarean section (LSCS), despite being the most common surgery performed worldwide, stands out amongst others, as its poor recovery period can negatively affect both the mother and the baby [ 1 ]. Postpartum period is a time of lots …

verfasst von:
Tripti Dubey, Shivangi Dubey Yadav, Amey Kundawar

25.03.2024 | Original Article

PAP Test Versus Colposcopy for Cervical Cancer Screening in HIV-Seropositive Women: A Case–Control Study

Cervical cancer is a major public health problem and the third most common cause of cancer-related deaths in women across the world with nearly 90% of these cases occurring in developing countries [ 1 ]. This cancer has a well-defined pre-invasive …

verfasst von:
Shalini Singh, Swati Agrawal, Anju Seth, Smita Singh

25.03.2024 | Original Article

The Potential Prognostic Impact of Associated Peritoneal Carcinomatosis in Patients with Stage II and III Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Who Had Upfront Complete Cytoreduction

The presence of metastatic peritoneal nodules in epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is defined as stage II (in case of pelvic peritoneal nodules) or stage III (in case of abdominal peritoneal nodules). Furthermore, as FIGO staging system is used for …

verfasst von:
Mohamed Ibrahim Fahim, Rasha Mahmoud Allam

25.03.2024 | Original Article

Symptomatic Vaginal Masses Mimicking Prolapse: Varied Clinical Course, Diagnosis and Their Management

Vaginal masses mimic other pathologies like pelvic organ prolapse, Gartner cyst, paraurethral cyst, vaginal leiomyoma, Mullerian cyst, Bartholin gland cyst, urethral diverticulum, epidermal inclusion cyst and ectopic ureter [ 1 ]. These masses can …

verfasst von:
Rajesh Kumari, MS, J. B. Sharma, MD, FRCOG, Mohini Agrawal, Neerja Bhatla

25.03.2024 | Original Article

Lymphedema in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Endometrial Cancer: A Comparative Study of Sentinel Node Biopsy Versus Complete Pelvic Node Dissection

Lymph node assessment is an integral part of surgical staging for endometrial cancer (EC). Its value lies in accurate staging that helps to prognosticate and tailor adjuvant treatment in apparently early-stage endometrial cancer. However, the …

verfasst von:
Mythili Kundur, DGO, DNB, Anupama Rajanbabu, Consultant Gynaecologic Oncologist

25.03.2024 | Original Article

Integrating Ultrasound and Histopathological Analysis to Investigate Placental Abnormalities and Blood Flow in Uteroplacental Insufficiency: A Comprehensive Study

Uteroplacental insufficiency (UPI) is a pathological condition characterized by compromised blood flow and oxygen delivery to the fetus [ 1 ]. As one of the leading causes of fetal growth restriction, perinatal morbidity and mortality, timely and …

verfasst von:
Rahul Chavan, Hemraj R. Narkhede, Purnima R. Satoskar, Mangesh Londhe

25.03.2024 | Case Report

Mullerian Anomalies with Endometrial Carcinoma: Nuances of Management in a Rare Case and Review of Literature

Congenital uterine malformations have an incidence of about 4% in the general population. Of these, complete septate uterus with normal cervix and vagina or uterus bicornis unicollis (denoted as U2B/C0/V0, according to the ESHRE-ESGE criteria) has …

verfasst von:
Debabrata Barmon, Eshwarya Jessy Kaur, Upasana Baruah, Dimpy Begum

21.03.2024 | Case Report

Unusual Cause of Secondary Amenorrhea: Cervical Foreign Body

Foreign bodies in the female genital tract can lead to various clinical problems, including vaginal discharge and infections. While they are commonly found in the vagina, foreign bodies may also be found in the cervix or uterine body. There are …

verfasst von:
Nadia Khurshid, MBBS, MD, DNB, MRCOG, Saima Wani, MBBS, MD, Rabia Khurshid, MBBS, MD, Cimona Lyn Saldanha, MBBS, MD, Tahir Ahmad Khan, MBBS,MD

19.03.2024 | Original Article

Radical Oophorectomy for Advanced Ovarian Cancer: A Feasibility Study from Tertiary Care Cancer Centre in Eastern India

Amongst the newly diagnosed ovarian cancer patients, most of them are diagnosed in an advanced stage, making it the most common cause of death from gynecologic malignancy [ 1 ]. Primary cytoreductive surgery, followed by chemotherapy, is the …

verfasst von:
Sony Nanda, Manoranjan Mahapatra, Janmejaya Mohapatra, Ashok Padhy, Bhagyalaxmi Nayak, Jita Parija

15.03.2024 | Case Report

In-Utero Treatment of Fetal SVT: A Case Report

Fetal supraventricular tachycardia may lead to low cardiac output, nonimmune hydrops and fetal demise. We are presenting an antenatal case in whom fetal SVT was picked up during examination and was confirmed by ultrasound and fetal …

verfasst von:
Vineeta Gupta, M.S., Shweta Nimonkar, D.G.O., D.N.B., Swati Kohli, M.B.B.S, Sahil Mahajan, M.D., D.M., Namrata Saxena, M.S.

15.03.2024 | Original Article

Assessment of Coffee Consumption on Post-Cesarean Section Bowel Movements

Cesarean section is a major surgery that imposes many complications on the mother and the baby. Its prevalence is high in developing countries such as Iran. The monitoring and evaluation system of fertility services of the Ministry of Health …

verfasst von:
Nasim Vafaei, Rahman Panahi, Mojhgan Mokhtari, Mehdi Rezaei, Ali Mokhtari, Mohiadin Amjadian

13.03.2024 | Correction

Correction: OOPHORECTOMY: When and Why? A Novel Risk Stratification Tool as an Aid to Decision Making at Gynecological Surgeries

verfasst von:
Suvarna Satish Khadilkar, Meena Samant

13.03.2024 | Original Article

Evaluation of Vulvar Disorders by Vulvoscopy Index and N-S-P Scheme Using Three Rings Vulvoscopy (TRIV)

Vulvar disorders are potential expressions of a very large panel of diseases. Diagnosing vulvar disorders is often challenging due to considerable overlap in physical signs of various conditions [ 1 ]. Vulvoscopy is an examination of the vulva …

verfasst von:
Anjali Sarkar, Sruthi Bhaskaran, Amita Suneja, Archana Singal, Sonal Sharma

13.03.2024 | Case Report

Serous Papillary Cystadenofibroma of Ovary: A Rare Case Report

The most prevalent ovarian neoplasms are surface epithelial stromal tumors, which include combinations of serous, mucinous, endometrioid, clear cell, and transitional cell neoplasms.

verfasst von:
B. Kalpana, Bintu H. Dadhania, S. G. Balamurugan