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29.09.2022 | Case Report

Exome Sequencing, whom to Test? A Case Report of Rare Genetic Findings in Consanguineous Couple with Two Neonatal Deaths

Consanguineous marriage is defined as marriage between two close blood relatives who have at least one common ancestor or second cousins or closer. History suggests that the tradition of consanguineous marriages (CM) is long-standing. In India …

28.09.2022 | Original Article

Urine Calcium–Creatinine Ratio in Prediction of Pre-eclampsia

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are first identified during pregnancy (gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, and HELLP syndrome) or may present as a complication of previously existing disease (chronic hypertension, renal …

27.09.2022 | Original Article

Evaluation of Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength in Nulliparous, Parous and Postmenopausal Women and its Association with Various Factors

Pelvic floor refers to the compound structure enclosing the bony pelvic outlet and pelvic floor muscles, to the muscle layer over the pelvic floor, supporting the pelvic organs and maintaining their function with their anterior and cephalad action …

22.09.2022 | COVID-19 | Original Article

Histopathological Changes in Placenta of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov-2) Infection and Maternal and Perinatal Outcome in COVID-19

Placenta is a useful interface between mother and the fetus. Whether vertical transmission or placental pathology occurs after maternal COVID-19 infection during pregnancy remains unknown. COVID-19 can increase inflammatory and oxidative stress in …

19.09.2022 | Case Report

U2bC1V2: A Rare Mullerian Abnormality—Complete Uterine Septum, Double Cervix and Complete Vertical Vaginal Septum

The abnormalities of Mullerian development are rare and have incidence of 1–6%. With advances in diagnostic techniques, such cases are diagnosed with more accuracy with a combination of 3D Ultrasound, MRI, Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy.

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