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AIDS and Behavior

AIDS and Behavior 5/2016

Ausgabe 5/2016

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24.09.2015 | Substantive Review | Ausgabe 5/2016

Identifying Best Practices for Increasing Linkage to, Retention, and Re-engagement in HIV Medical Care: Findings from a Systematic Review, 1996–2014

Darrel H. Higa, Nicole Crepaz, Mary M. Mullins, The Prevention Research Synthesis Project

05.11.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Late Diagnosis of HIV Infection in Metropolitan Areas of the United States and Puerto Rico

H. Irene Hall, Tian Tang, Lorena Espinoza

12.11.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Cost-Utility Analysis of Three U.S. HIV Linkage and Re-engagement in Care Programs from Positive Charge

Kriti M. Jain, Rose Zulliger, Cathy Maulsby, Jeeyon Janet Kim, Vignetta Charles, Maura Riordan, David Holtgrave, The PC Intervention Team

07.07.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Structural Barriers to Antiretroviral Therapy Among Sex Workers Living with HIV: Findings of a Longitudinal Study in Vancouver, Canada

Shira M. Goldenberg, Julio Montaner, Putu Duff, Paul Nguyen, Sabina Dobrer, Silvia Guillemi, Kate Shannon

08.07.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Improving Adherence to Care Among “Hard to Reach” HIV-Infected Patients in Argentina

Deborah L. Jones, Omar Sued, Diego Cecchini, Lina Bofill, Ryan Cook, Mar Lucas, Alejandra Bordato, Isabel Cassetti, Pedro Cahn, Stephen M. Weiss

07.09.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

HIV Care and Treatment Beliefs among Patients Initiating Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) in Oromia, Ethiopia

Olga Tymejczyk, Susie Hoffman, Sarah Gorrell Kulkarni, Tsigereda Gadisa, Maria Lahuerta, Robert H. Remien, Batya Elul, Wafaa El-Sadr, Zenebe Melaku, Denis Nash

07.09.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Community-Based Accompaniment Mitigates Predictors of Negative Outcomes for Adults on Antiretroviral Therapy in Rural Rwanda

Neil Gupta, Christian Munyaburanga, Mwumvaneza Mutagoma, John W. Niyigena, Felix Kayigamba, Molly F. Franke, Bethany Hedt-Gauthier

09.09.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Engagement in the HIV Care Continuum among Key Populations in Tijuana, Mexico

Laramie R. Smith, Thomas L. Patterson, Carlos Magis-Rodriguez, Victoria D. Ojeda, Jose Luis Burgos, Sarah A. Rojas, María Luisa Zúñiga, Steffanie A. Strathdee

23.09.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

The Influence of Medication Attitudes on Utilization of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in Indonesian Prisons

Gabriel J. Culbert, Alexander R. Bazazi, Agung Waluyo, Astia Murni, Azalia P. Muchransyah, Mariska Iriyanti, Finnahari, Maxim Polonsky, Judith Levy, Frederick L. Altice

02.11.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Retention in Early Care at an HIV Outpatient Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2000–2013

Daniel S. Silva, Raquel B. De Boni, Jordan E. Lake, Sandra W. Cardoso, Sayonara Ribeiro, Ronaldo I. Moreira, Jesse L. Clark, Valdilea G. Veloso, Beatriz Grinsztejn, Paula M. Luz

11.09.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Personalized Text Message Reminders to Promote Medication Adherence Among HIV-Positive Adolescents and Young Adults

Robert Garofalo, Lisa M. Kuhns, Anna Hotton, Amy Johnson, Abigail Muldoon, Dion Rice

23.09.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Antiretroviral Refill Adherence Correlates with, But Poorly Predicts Retention in HIV Care

Robert A. Bonacci, Katherine Frasca, Lyles Swift, Daohang Sha, Warren B. Bilker, Laura Bamford, Baligh R. Yehia, Robert Gross

01.10.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Low Non-structured Antiretroviral Therapy Interruptions in HIV-Infected Persons Who Inject Drugs Receiving Multidisciplinary Comprehensive HIV Care at an Outpatient Drug Abuse Treatment Center

Gabriel Vallecillo, Sergio Mojal, Albert Roquer, Pilar Samos, Sonia Luque, Diana Martinez, Paula Karen Martires, Marta Torrens

06.10.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among Children Living with HIV in South India

K. Mehta, M. L. Ekstrand, E. Heylen, G. N. Sanjeeva, A. Shet

09.10.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Psychosocial Characteristics Associated with Both Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence and Risk Behaviors in Women Living with HIV

Marcia McDonnell Holstad, Sydney Spangler, Melinda Higgins, Safiya George Dalmida, Sanjay Sharma

24.11.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Feasibility of Real Time Medication Monitoring Among HIV Infected and TB Patients in a Resource-Limited Setting

I. Marion de Sumari-de Boer, Jossy van den Boogaard, Kennedy M. Ngowi, Hadija H. Semvua, Krisanta W. Kiwango, Rob E. Aarnoutse, Pythia T. Nieuwkerk, Gibson S. Kibiki

26.10.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Which Clinician Questions Elicit Accurate Disclosure of Antiretroviral Non-adherence When Talking to Patients?

Wynne Callon, Somnath Saha, P. Todd Korthuis, Ira B. Wilson, Richard D. Moore, Jonathan Cohn, Mary Catherine Beach

09.09.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Food Insecurity, Dietary Diversity, and Body Mass Index of HIV-Infected Individuals on Antiretroviral Therapy in Rural Haiti

Gabriel W. Rebick, Molly F. Franke, Jessica E. Teng, J. Gregory Jerome, Louise C. Ivers

25.11.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

The Effect of a Community-Based Exercise Program on Inflammation, Metabolic Risk, and Fitness Levels Among Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

Stacy E. Cutrono, John E. Lewis, Arlette Perry, Joseph Signorile, Eduard Tiozzo, Kevin A. Jacobs

22.12.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2016

Navigating Barriers to Vocational Rehabilitation for HIV-Positive Persons

Walter Gómez, Annesa Flentje, Amy Schustack, Joseph Ramirez-Forcier, Brett Andrews, Samantha E. Dilworth, Elise D. Riley, Alberto Curotto, Adam W. Carrico

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