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01.08.2020 | Original Paper

A Structural Equation Model of the Effect of Masculinity and Avoidant Coping on Gay and Bisexual Men’s Sexual Risk-Taking

This study aims to extend the scientific knowledge base on the association between masculine norm adherence and sexual risk-taking, in the context of gay and bisexual men, by examining emotional suppression, social support seeking, and avoidant …

31.07.2020 | Original Paper

Brief Report: HIV Testing and Risk Among Justice-Involved Youth

Justice-involved youth have a number of risk factors for HIV infection, including high rates of substance use, psychiatric comorbidities, and risky sexual behaviors. Although detained youth are likely to receive health care—which may include HIV …

31.07.2020 | Original Paper

Pathways to Depression and Poor Quality of Life Among Adolescents in Western Kenya: Role of Anticipated HIV Stigma, HIV Risk Perception, and Sexual Behaviors

Depression is a major cause of disease burden and is linked to poor quality of life (QOL) among adolescents. We examined the roles of sexual behaviors, HIV risk perception, and anticipated HIV stigma on depressive symptomatology and QOL among 4096 …

31.07.2020 | Original Paper

Substance Use Stigma, Avoidance Coping, and Missed HIV Appointments Among MSM Who Use Substances

Men who have sex with men (MSM) living with HIV who use substances have multiple stigmatized identities. Theory suggests that internalization of stigma may elicit avoidance behaviors associated with these stigmas, potentially resulting in …

31.07.2020 | COVID-19 | Original Paper Zur Zeit gratis

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Sexual Minority Populations in Brazil: An Analysis of Social/Racial Disparities in Maintaining Social Distancing and a Description of Sexual Behavior

We conducted a web-based survey to understand the impact of social distancing measures on Brazilian MSM and transgender/non-binary lives. A total of 3486 respondents were included in this analysis and the great majority were cismen (98%). The …

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AIDS and Behavior provides an international venue for the scientific exchange of research and scholarly work on the contributing factors, prevention, consequences, social impact, and response to HIV/AIDS. The journal publishes original peer-reviewed papers addressing all areas of AIDS behavioral research including: individual, contextual, social, economic and geographic factors that facilitate HIV transmission; interventions aimed to reduce HIV transmission risks at all levels and in all contexts; mental health aspects of HIV/AIDS; medical and behavioral consequences of HIV infection - including health-related quality of life, coping, treatment and treatment adherence; and the impact of HIV infection on adults children, families, communities and societies. The journal publishes original research articles, brief research reports, and critical literature reviews.

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