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AIDS and Behavior

AIDS and Behavior 8/2021

Ausgabe 8/2021

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25.02.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

HIV Prevention Among Cisgender Men Who have Sex with Transgender Women

Tonia Poteat, Erin Cooney, Mannat Malik, Arjee Restar, Derek T. Dangerfield II, Jordan White

20.02.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Network Characteristics Associated with HIV Testing Conversations Among Transgender Women in Los Angeles County, California

Cheríe S. Blair, Ian W. Holloway, Jesse B. Fletcher, Cathy J. Reback

24.02.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Project SLIP: Implementation of a PrEP Screening and Linkage Intervention in Primary Care

Erik D. Storholm, Daniel Siconolfi, Wenjing Huang, William Towner, Deborah Ling Grant, Alexander Martos, John M. Chang, Rulin Hechter

24.02.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021 Open Access

Associations Between Key Psychosocial Stressors and Viral Suppression and Retention in Care Among Youth with HIV in Rural South Africa

Lindsey M. Filiatreau, Audrey Pettifor, Jessie K. Edwards, Nkosinathi Masilela, Rhian Twine, F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Nicole Haberland, Chodziwadziwa Whiteson Kabudula, Sheri A. Lippman, Kathleen Kahn

25.02.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Stronger Together: Results from a Randomized Controlled Efficacy Trial of a Dyadic Intervention to Improve Engagement in HIV Care Among Serodiscordant Male Couples in Three US Cities

Rob Stephenson, Robert Garofalo, Patrick S. Sullivan, Marco A. Hidalgo, Angela R. Bazzi, Samuel Hoehnle, Anna Bratcher, Catherine A. Finneran, Matthew J. Mimiaga

21.02.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021 Open Access

Slow Uptake of PrEP: Behavioral Predictors and the Influence of Price on PrEP Uptake Among MSM with a High Interest in PrEP

Mart van Dijk, John B. F. de Wit, Thomas E. Guadamuz, Joel E. Martinez, Kai J. Jonas

25.02.2021 | COVID-19 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021 Zur Zeit gratis

Mental Health, Coping, and Social Support Among People Living with HIV in the Americas: A Comparative Study Between Argentina and the USA During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

Deborah L. Jones, Jamile Ballivian, Violeta J. Rodriguez, Claudia Uribe, Diego Cecchini, Ana S. Salazar, Isabel Cassetti, Maria L. Alcaide

04.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021 Open Access

Project ACCLAIM: Intervention Effect on Community Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs of Maternal and Child Health and HIV/AIDS in Eswatini, Uganda and Zimbabwe

N. Bandopadhay, G. B. Woelk, M. P. Kieffer, D. Mpofu, the Project ACCLAIM Study Group

27.02.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Predictors of Event-Driven Regimen Choice in Current PrEP Users and Sexual Behavior Characteristics of MSM Receiving Sexual Health Services in New York City

Pedro B. Carneiro, Christopher Rincon, Sarit Golub

11.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Impact of the HIV Infant Tracking System (HITSystem 2.0) on Priority Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Outcomes

Sarah Finocchario-Kessler, Melinda Brown, May Maloba, Niaman Nazir, Catherine Wexler, Kathy Goggin, Jacinda K. Dariotis, Natabhona Mabachi, Silas Lagat, Sharon Koech, Brad Gautney

13.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021 Open Access

Acceptability of the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring for HIV-1 Prevention and Association with Adherence in a Phase III Trial

Ashley J. Mayo, Erica N. Browne, Elizabeth T. Montgomery, Kristine Torjesen, Thesla Palanee-Phillips, Nitesha Jeenarain, Linly Seyama, Kubashni Woeber, Ishana Harkoo, Krishnaveni Reddy, Tchangani Tembo, Prisca Mutero, Thelma Tauya, Miria Chitukuta, Brenda Gati Mirembe, Lydia Soto-Torres, Elizabeth R. Brown, Jared M. Baeten, Ariane van der Straten, for the MTN-020/ASPIRE study team

19.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Assessing Potential Outcomes Mediation in HIV Interventions

Heather L. Smyth, Eileen V. Pitpitan, David P. MacKinnon, Robert E. Booth

04.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Use of Antiretroviral Therapy for a US Medicaid Enrolled Pediatric Cohort with HIV

Tingting Zhang, Ira B. Wilson, Bora Youn, Yoojin Lee, Theresa I. Shireman

19.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Incorporation of Home Specimen Self-Collection Kits for Laboratory Testing in a Telehealth Program for HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis

Emily E. Chasco, Angela B. Hoth, Hyunkeun Cho, Cody Shafer, Aaron J. Siegler, Michael E. Ohl

11.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Electronic Dissemination of a Web-Based Video Promotes PrEP Contemplation and Conversation Among US Women Engaged in Care at Planned Parenthood

Sarah K. Calabrese, Susan B. Lane, Abigail Caldwell, Clair Kaplan, John F. Dovidio, Rachel W. Galvao, Damon F. Ogburn, Cara B. Safon, Mehrit Tekeste, Tamara Taggart, Djordje Modrakovic, Brittany C. Wilbourn, Oni Blackstock, Trace S. Kershaw

08.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

African American/Black and Latino Adults with Detectable HIV Viral Load Evidence Substantial Risk for Polysubstance Substance Use and Co-occurring Problems: A Latent Class Analysis

Charles M. Cleland, Marya Gwadz, Linda M. Collins, Leo Wilton, Dawa Sherpa, Caroline Dorsen, Noelle R. Leonard, Sabrina R. Cluesman, Belkis Y. Martinez, Amanda S. Ritchie, Mariam Ayvazyan

24.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

“We’ve Got Our Own Beliefs, Attitudes, Myths”: A Mixed Methods Assessment of Rural South African Health Care Workers' Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards PrEP Implementation

Emmanuella Ngozi Asabor, Elle Lett, Anthony Moll, Sheela V. Shenoi

17.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

The Hepatitis C Continuum of Care Among HIV-Positive Persons with Heavy Alcohol Use in St. Petersburg, Russia

Maria A. Corcorran, Natasha Ludwig-Baron, Debbie M. Cheng, Dmitry Lioznov, Natalia Gnatienko, Gregory Patts, Kaku So-Armah, Elena Blokhina, Sally Bendiks, Evgeny Krupitsky, Jeffrey H. Samet, Judith I. Tsui

19.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Using Incentives and Nudging to Improve Non-Targeted HIV Testing in Ecuador: A Randomized Trial

Mario Macis, Michelle Grunauer, Erika Gutierrez, Ricardo Izurieta, Phillip Phan, Miguel Reina Ortiz, Carlos Rosas, Enrique Teran

17.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Breaking Down Barriers to HIV Care for Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Women: The Advocacy and Other Community Tactics (ACT) Project

Robin Lin Miller, Jaleah Rutledge, George Ayala

20.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

HIV Stigma, Homophobia, Sexual and Gender Minority Community Connectedness and HIV Testing Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men and Transgender People Who Have Sex with Men in Kazakhstan

Emily Allen Paine, Yong Gun Lee, Vitaliy Vinogradov, Gulnara Zhakupova, Timothy Hunt, Sholpan Primbetova, Assel Terlikbayeva, Nabila El-Bassel, Elwin Wu

19.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021 Open Access

Community Legal Systems: Targeting PrEP and HIV Education to Decrease Risk of HIV Transmission

Leanne Whiteside-Mansell, LaTunja Sockwell, Daniel Knight, Cynthia Crone

22.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and Buprenorphine at a Drug Detoxification Center During the Opioid Epidemic: Opportunities and Challenges

Sabrina A. Assoumou, Samantha M. Paniagua, Priscilla Gonzalez, Jianing Wang, Curt G. Beckwith, Laura F. White, Jessica L. Taylor, Kristen Coogan, Jeffrey H. Samet, Benjamin P. Linas

19.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Epic Allies: A Gamified Mobile App to Improve Engagement in HIV Care and Antiretroviral Adherence among Young Men Who have Sex with Men

Lisa Hightow-Weidman, Kathryn E. Muessig, Joseph R. Egger, Alyssa Vecchio, Alyssa Platt

22.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Understanding Technology Fit Among People with HIV Based on Intersections of Race, Sex, and Sexual Behavior: An Equitable Approach to Analyzing Differences Across Multiple Social Identities

Elizabeth Lockhart, DeAnne Turner, Joseph Ficek, Taylor Livingston, Rachel G. Logan, Stephanie L. Marhefka

22.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Undetectable or Unknown? A Longitudinal Event-Level Analysis of Disclosure of HIV Serostatus and Undetectability Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who have Sex with Men (gbMSM) in Metro Vancouver

Jordan M. Sang, Lu Wang, David M. Moore, Nicanor Bacani, Terry Howard, Everett Blackwell, Allan Lal, Heather L. Armstrong, Kiffer G. Card, Richard Crosby, Eric A. Roth, Robert S. Hogg, Nathan J. Lachowsky

20.03.2021 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2021

Single Room Occupancy Residence: Processes Linking Housing to Not Engaging in HIV Outpatient Care

Helen-Maria Lekas, Crystal Lewis, Sara Lunden, Susan Aileen Olender, Lisa Rosen-Metsch

20.03.2021 | Commentary | Ausgabe 8/2021

“The Main Concern is HIV, Everything Else is Fixable”: Indifference Toward Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Era of Biomedical HIV Prevention

Elissa L. Sarno, Kathryn Macapagal, Michael E. Newcomb

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