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Current Diabetes Reports 9/2022
Current Diabetes Reports

Ausgabe 9/2022


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Open Access 11.07.2022 | Diabetes Epidemiology (H-C Yeh, Section Editor)

Content Validity of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Developed for Assessing Health-Related Quality of Life in People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: a Systematic Review
Caroline B. Terwee, Petra J. M. Elders, Marlous Langendoen-Gort, Ellen B. M. Elsman, Cecilia A. C. Prinsen, Amber A. van der Heijden, Maartje de Wit, Joline W. J. Beulens, Lidwine B. Mokkink, Femke Rutters

05.07.2022 | Pediatric Type 2 and Monogenic Diabetes (O Pinhas-Hamiel , Section Editor)

Diabetes Out-of-the-Box: Diabetes Mellitus and Impairment in Hearing and Vision
Noah Gruber, Orit Pinhas-Hamiel

Open Access 02.08.2022 | Health Care Delivery Systems and Implementation in Diabetes (ME McDonnell and AR Sadhu, Section Editor)

Electronic Health Record–Based Decision-Making Support in Inpatient Diabetes Management
Johanna E. Gerwer, Grace Bacani, Patricia S. Juang, Kristen Kulasa

13.07.2022 | Hospital Management of Diabetes (A Wallia and J Jeffrie Seley, Section Editors)

Pharmacist Role in Providing Inpatient Diabetes Management
J. T. Knezevich, A. C. Donihi, A. T. Drincic

07.07.2022 | Hospital Management of Diabetes (A Wallia and JJ Seley, Section Editors)

CGM in the Hospital: Is It Ready for Prime Time?
Elizabeth O. Buschur, Eileen Faulds, Kathleen Dungan

11.07.2022 | Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance (M-E Patti, Section Editor)

Lipodystrophy for the Diabetologist—What to Look For
Nivedita Patni, Abhimanyu Garg

04.07.2022 | Obesity (K Gadde and P Singh, Section Editors)

Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Among Individuals with Excess Weight: Weight Trajectory Effects
Arthur H. Owora, David B. Allison, Xuan Zhang, Nana Gletsu-Miller, Kishore M. Gadde

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