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01.07.2020 | Management of the Cirrhotic Patient (A Cardenas and P Tandon, Section Editors) Open Access

Hemodynamic and Systemic Effects of Albumin in Patients with Advanced Liver Disease

Human albumin is the most abundant protein circulating in the blood and has many biological functions. The administration of exogenous albumin started in World War II when it was used for fluid resuscitation in traumatic shock. Treatment with …

01.07.2020 | Portal Hypertension (J Gonzalez-Abraldes and E Tsochatzis, Section Editors)

Non-selective Beta-Blockers in Decompensated Cirrhosis

Non-selective beta blockers (NSBB) have been the mainstay of therapy for portal hypertension in patients with cirrhosis. By decreasing portal hypertension, they are used to reduce the risk of variceal bleeding and to prevent both initial and …

30.06.2020 | Portal Hypertension (J Gonzalez-Abraldes and E Tsochatzis, Section Editors)

Esophageal Varices: Primary Prophylaxis and Prevention and Management of Rebleeding

Variceal hemorrhage is a dreaded complication of portal hypertension and a major cause of mortality in patients with cirrhosis. In recent years, practice guidelines on management of varices have continued to evolve based on data from clinical …

29.06.2020 | Fatty Liver Disease (V Ajmera, Section Editor)

Cardiovascular Disease in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: Screening and Management

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a chronic condition that is intricately associated with the metabolic syndrome. Mirroring the rising global burden of obesity, NAFLD is rapidly becoming one of the most common etiologies of chronic liver …

27.06.2020 | Portal Hypertension (J Gonzalez-Abraldes and E Tsochatzis, Section Editors)

Budd-Chiari Syndrome: Anticoagulation, TIPS, or Transplant

Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS) is defined as the obstruction of hepatic venous outflow that may be located from the small hepatic venules up to the entrance of the inferior cava vein into the right atrium. BCS may be secondary to an external …

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Current Hepatology Reports provides in-depth review articles contributed by international experts on the most significant developments in the field. By presenting clear, insightful, balanced reviews that emphasize recently published papers of major importance, the journal elucidates current and emerging approaches to the diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of conditions associated with hepatitis.

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