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Dermatology and Therapy 5/2022
Dermatology and Therapy

Ausgabe 5/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (18 Artikel)

Open Access 21.04.2022 | Guidelines

Use of Systemic Therapies for Treatment of Psoriasis in People Living with Controlled HIV: Inference-Based Guidance from a Multidisciplinary Expert Panel
Kim A. Papp, Jennifer Beecker, Curtis Cooper, Mark G. Kirchhof, Anton L. Pozniak, Juergen K. Rockstroh, Jan P. Dutz, Melinda J. Gooderham, Robert Gniadecki, Chih-ho Hong, Charles W. Lynde, Catherine Maari, Yves Poulin, Ronald B. Vender, Sharon L. Walmsley

Open Access 15.04.2022 | Review

Parapsoriasis—A Diagnosis with an Identity Crisis: A Narrative Review
Manasmon Chairatchaneeboon, Kanchalit Thanomkitti, Ellen J. Kim

Open Access 17.04.2022 | Review

The Relevance of Skin Biopsies in General Internal Medicine: Facts and Myths
Sophie Bailleux, Patrick Collins, Arjen F. Nikkels

Open Access 11.04.2022 | Original Research

Long-Term Treatment with Dimethyl Fumarate for Plaque Psoriasis in Routine Practice: Good Overall Effectiveness and Positive Effect on Impactful Areas
Matthias Augustin, Lilla Landeck, Sebastian Diemert, Khusru Asadullah, Urte Hammann, Konstantin Ertner, Ina Hadshiew

Open Access 30.04.2022 | Original Research

Efficacy and Safety of Using Noninsulated Microneedle Radiofrequency Alone versus in Combination with Polynucleotides for Treatment of Periorbital Wrinkles
Yuri Yogya, Rungsima Wanitphakdeedecha, Supisara Wongdama, Yanisorn Nanchaipruek, Chadakan Yan, Sarawalai Rakchart

Open Access 12.04.2022 | Original Research

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Improves Acne-Induced Post-inflammatory Erythema and Hyperpigmentation: A Retrospective Study in Chinese Patients
Xianglei Wu, Xue Wang, Xiujuan Wu, Qingqing Cen, Wenjing Xi, Ying Shang, Zhen Zhang, Xiaoxi Lin

Open Access 15.04.2022 | Original Research

Malignant Melanoma: Direct Costs by Clinical and Pathological Profile
Alessandra Buja, Massimo Rugge, Giuseppe De Luca, Manuel Zorzi, Chiara De Toni, Claudia Cozzolino, Antonella Vecchiato, Paolo Del Fiore, Saveria Tropea, Romina Spina, Vincenzo Baldo, Carlo Riccardo Rossi, Simone Mocellin

Open Access 17.04.2022 | Review

Atopic Dermatitis and Skin Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review
Yun Zhu, Hongmei Wang, Juan He, Luhui Yang, Xiaoyan Zhou, Zhe Li, Huiling Zhou, Huadi Zhao, Yuye Li

Open Access 18.04.2022 | Original Research

Comparative Efficacy of Targeted Systemic Therapies for Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis without Topical Corticosteroids: Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis
Jonathan I. Silverberg, H. Chih-ho Hong, Jacob P. Thyssen, Brian M. Calimlim, Avani Joshi, Henrique D. Teixeira, Eric B. Collins, Marjorie M. Crowell, Scott J. Johnson, April W. Armstrong

Open Access 21.04.2022 | Original Research

Quantifying Physician Preferences for Systemic Atopic Dermatitis Treatments Using a Discrete-Choice Experiment
José Manuel Carrascosa Carrillo, Eulalia Baselga Torres, Yolanda Gilaberte Calzada, Yanina Nancy Jurgens Martínez, Gastón Roustan Gullón, Juan Ignacio Yanguas Bayona, Susana Gómez Castro, Maria Giovanna Ferrario, Francisco José Rebollo Laserna

Open Access 04.05.2022 | Original Research

Real-World Treatment Patterns and Outcomes Among Patients with Basal Cell Carcinoma Following First-Line Hedgehog Inhibitor Discontinuation
Lance Cowey, Chieh-I. Chen, Kathleen M. Aguilar, Kalatu Davies, Patrick R. LaFontaine, Matthew G. Fury, Timothy Bowler, Asieh Golozar, Jessica J. Jalbert

Open Access 21.04.2022 | Original Research

Triple Intralesional Antigen Immunotherapy versus Monoantigen in the Treatment of Multiple Recalcitrant Warts
Ahmad A. Nofal, Basma M. Elkholy, Esraa R. Abd-Elmonsef, Hagar O. Nofal

Open Access 02.05.2022 | Original Research

A 1-Year Survey of Zoster-Associated Pain after Amenamevir Treatment
Makoto Kawashima, Yoshiki Miyachi

Open Access 30.04.2022 | Original Research

Efficacy of Noninvasive 1060-nm Diode Laser for Medial Knee Fat Reduction
Chadakan Yan, Rungsima Wanitphakdeedecha, Kristy Elleza R. Evangelista, Ploypailin Tantrapornpong, Panittra Suphatsathienkul, Nittaya Lektrakul, Thanya Techapichetvanich, Sasima Eimpunth, Woraphong Manuskiatti

Open Access 22.04.2022 | Brief Report

Safety of Biologic Therapies in Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis and Concomitant Viral Hepatitis: A Monocentric Retrospective Study
Luigi Gargiulo, Giulia Pavia, Mario Valenti, Ana Lleo de Nalda, Chiara Perugini, Antonio Costanzo, Alessandra Narcisi

Open Access 02.05.2022 | Case Report

First-Trimester Impetigo Herpetiformis Leads to Stillbirth: A Case Report
Jue Liu, Kamran Ali, Haiyue Lou, Lingling Wang, Liming Wu

Open Access 04.05.2022 | Case Report

Perifollicular Xanthoma Occurring in Patients after Erlotinib Treatment
En Hyung Kim, Dong Min Kim, Ji Yeoun Lee

Open Access 10.04.2022 | Correction

Correction to: Validation of the Alopecia Areata Patient Priority Outcomes (AAPPO) Questionnaire in Adults and Adolescents with Alopecia Areata
Kathleen W. Wyrwich, Randall Winnette, Randall Bender, Kavita Gandhi, Nicole Williams, Nimanee Harris, Lauren Nelson

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