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Documenta Ophthalmologica

Documenta Ophthalmologica 2/2003

Ausgabe 2/2003

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Effects of octreotide acetate and amniotic membrane on wound healing in experimental glaucoma surgery

Tamer Demir, Burak Turgut, Ulku Celiker, Ibrahim Ozercan, Fatih Ulas, Nuray Akyol

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Correlation between frequency doubling technology perimetry and temporal frequency characteristics in early glaucoma*

Joseph Jy-Haw Yu, Motohiro Kiyosawa, Nobuyuki Nemoto, Keiko Momose, Hiroshi Mori, Manabu Mochizuki

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Impairment of optic path due to radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Wei-Han Hu, Min-Zhong Yu, Shi-Xian Long, Shi-Zhou Huang, Mo-Fa Gu, Lan-Sun Zhou, De-Zheng Wu

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Acute electroretinographic changes during Sildenafil (Viagra) treatment for erectile dysfunction*

Corrado Balacco Gabrieli, Federico Regine, Enzo M. Vingolo, Edoardo Rispoli, Aldo Isidori

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Relationship between motion VEP and perceived velocity of gratings: effects of stimulus speed and motion adaptation

Rolf Müller, Gunder Bochmann, Mark W. Greenlee, Edith Göpfert

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Visual field defects in pediatric patients on vigabatrin monotherapy

Francisco J. Ascaso, María J. Lopez, José A. Mauri, José A. Cristobal

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Eye movement baseline oscillation and variability of eye position during foveation in congenital nystagmus

Paolo Bifulco, Mario Cesarelli, Luciano Loffredo, Mario Sansone, Marcello Bracale

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Characteristics of braking saccades in congenital nystagmus

Jonathan B. Jacobs, Louis F. Dell'Osso, R. John Leigh

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Abnormalities of the scotopic threshold response correlated with gene mutation in X-linked retinoschisis and congenital stationary night blindness

Keith Bradshaw, Douglas Newman, Louise Allen, Anthony Moore

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

The changes of multifocal electroretinography in the early stage of photodynamic therapy for choroidal neovascularization

Libin Jiang, Chenjin Jin, Feng Wen, Shizhou Huang, Dezheng Wu, Lezheng Wu

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Safety and efficacy evaluation of a new electrode (the LVP electrode), Part I. Pattern ERG pilot study

L.S. Mohan Ram, Subhadra Jalali, P.S. Roopa Reddy, Vallam Srinivasa Rao, Traraprasad Das, Rishita Nutheti

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Safety and efficacy evaluation of a new ERG electrode (the LVP electrode); Part II. Flash ERG pilot study

L.S. Mohan Ram, Subhadra Jalali, Shaikh Faheemuddin, Taraprasad Das, Rishita Nutheti

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Guidelines for calibration of stimulus and recording parameters used in clinical electrophysiology of vision

Mitchell Brigell, Michael Bach, Colin Barber, Anne Moskowitz, John Robson

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Influence of axial length of normal eyes on PERG

Rudy Hidajat, Jan Mclay, Celeste Burley, Mark Elder, Jason Morton, David Goode

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Abnormal flash but normal pattern VEP in a cavernous sinus meningioma

Vikki A. McBain, Graham E. Holder

01.09.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

ERGs in female carriers of incomplete Congenital Stationary Night Blindness (I-CSNB) A family report

Florence Rigaudière, Catherine Roux, Pierre Lachapelle, Serge G. Rosolen, Pierre Bitoun, Annie Gay-Duval, Jean-François Le Gargasson

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