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International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy 1/2020

Ausgabe 1/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 30 Artikel )

02.04.2020 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 1/2020

Letter to the editor for a published article titled “The effect of online versus hospital warfarin management on patient outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis”

Teerapon Dhippayom, Beth Devine

05.02.2020 | Short Research Report | Ausgabe 1/2020

Follow up survey for implementation of fixed-dosing of monoclonal antibodies

Kimberley M. Heinhuis, Jos H. Beijnen, Jeroen J. M. A. Hendrikx

21.12.2019 | Short Research Report | Ausgabe 1/2020

The association between chemotherapy-induced febrile neutropenia and breast cancer subtype in Japanese patients

Masataka Nomura, Yasuyo Morita, Ayano Kakiuchi, Kaho Ishida, Michiro Iizuka, Yusuke Yagi, Kohei Jobu, Mitsuhiko Miyamura

27.03.2020 | Short Research Report | Ausgabe 1/2020

Feasibility of an interprofessional collaborative osteoporosis screening programme in Malaysia

Li Shean Toh, Pauline Siew Mei Lai, Bee Yean Low, Kok Thong Wong, Claire Anderson

18.01.2020 | Short Research Report | Ausgabe 1/2020

Hospital referral of older patients to community pharmacy: outcome measures in a feasibility study

Helen Ramsbottom, Ray Fitzpatrick, Paul Rutter

08.01.2020 | Review Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Effect of proton pump inhibitors on high-dose methotrexate elimination: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Xi Wang, Yanqin Song, Jingjing Wang, Jin He, Ruming Liu, Xiaosu Li, Hua Huang, Jun Zhang

07.11.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Medicine taking behaviours of people with type 2 diabetes in Indonesia: a qualitative study

Anna Wahyuni Widayanti, Pauline Norris, Susan Heydon, James A. Green

13.11.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Benefits, risks and impacts on quality of life of medications used in multimorbid older adults: a Delphi study

Caroline Sirois, Carlotta Lunghi, William Berthelot, Marie-Laure Laroche, Anissa Frini

11.11.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Implementation of clinical pharmacist recommendations and services at a University Hospital in Yemen

Mohammed A. Kubas, Abdulsalam M. Halboup

13.11.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Beliefs about medicines in pregnancy: a survey using the beliefs about medicines questionnaire in Indonesia

Gesnita Nugraheni, Arie Sulistyarini, Elida Zairina

14.11.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020 Open Access

A survey of antibiotic administration practices involving patients with sepsis in UK critical care units

Gregory J. Barton, Charles W. Morecroft, Neil C. Henney

21.11.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Hemodynamic changes in surgical intensive care unit patients undergoing echinocandin treatment

Christian Koch, Emmanuel Schneck, Christoph Arens, Melanie Markmann, Michael Sander, Michael Henrich, Markus A. Weigand, Christoph Lichtenstern

19.11.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Extensive drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii: a comparative study between non-colistin based combinations

Eman Elsayed, Mohamed A. Elarabi, Dana A. Sherif, Mohamed Elmorshedi, Noha El-Mashad

02.12.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Laxative use among older adults with intellectual disability: a cross-sectional observational study

Hadiah AlMutairi, Máire O’Dwyer, Elish Burke, Mary McCarron, Philip McCallion, Martin C. Henman

09.12.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

The analysis of the use of potentially inappropriate medications in elderly in the Slovak Republic

Stanislava Jankyova, Dominika Rubintova, Tatiana Foltanova

02.01.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020 Open Access

Perspectives of future pharmacists on the potential for development and implementation of pharmacist prescribing in Qatar

Mohammad Issam Diab, Angham Ibrahim, Oraib Abdallah, Alla El-Awaisi, Monica Zolezzi, Rwedah Anwar Ageeb, Wishah Hamza Imam Elkhalifa, Ahmed Awaisu

05.12.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Screening for impaired liver function as a risk factor for drug safety at hospital admission of surgical patients

Dorothea Strobach, Angelika Poppele, Hanna Mannell, Monika Andraschko, Susanne Schiek, Thilo Bertsche

21.12.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Drug–drug interactions in patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy and the impact of an expert team intervention

Sumanjali J. V. Daggupati, PU Prakash Saxena, Ashwin Kamath, Mukta N. Chowta

05.02.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020 Open Access

Physicians’ acceptance of pharmacists’ interventions in daily hospital practice

Rianne J. Zaal, Edwin W. den Haak, Elrozy R. Andrinopoulou, Teun van Gelder, Arnold G. Vulto, Patricia M. L. A. van den Bemt

21.12.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Potential drug–drug interactions associated with clinical and laboratory findings at hospital admission

Milena Kovačević, Sandra Vezmar Kovačević, Slavica Radovanović, Predrag Stevanović, Branislava Miljković

06.04.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Genetic polymorphisms of high platelet reactivity in Chinese patients with coronary heart disease under clopidogrel therapy

Xiao Zou, Xin-li Deng, Yin-meng Wang, Jian-hua Li, Lin Liu, Xin Huang, Lu Liu, Jian Cao, Li Fan

09.01.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Impact of ‘Chief-Pharmacist System’ on drug expenditures and rational drug use

Zhuo Ma, ZhiXia Zhao, ShuSen Sun, YiFan Li, ZhuoLing An, Yan Yan, LiHong Liu

21.12.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

The inappropriate use of proton pump inhibitors during admission and after discharge: a prospective cross-sectional study

Onuma Sattayalertyanyong, Premrutai Thitilertdecha, Chonticha Auesomwang

03.01.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

The impact of a Calderdale Framework designed advanced pharmacy assistant role on inpatient pharmacy services

Rachael A. Raleigh, Trudy L. Teasdale, Jill L. Mahoney, Rachel J. Wenke, Kirsten J. Galbraith

21.12.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Evaluation of a method for drug-related problems identification and classification in hospital setting: applicability and reliability

Ana Carolina Figueiredo Modesto, Allyne Marques Ribeiro, Jhonata Lima Pereira, Lunara Teles Silva, Mércia Pandolfo Provin, Paula Sofia Lima Antonino Iglesias Ferreira, Rita Goreti Amaral, Tatyana Xavier Almeida Matteucci Ferreira

14.02.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Patients’ perspectives on participation in clinical trials and subsequent ethical challenges in a hospital setting in Jordan

Lobna Gharaibeh, Hanan Sartawi, Karem Alzoubi, Tareq Juma, Diana Ayyad, Samah Sartawi

09.01.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 1/2020

Medication reconciliation upon admission in paediatric hospital setting: preliminary data

Dolores Pilar Iturgoyen Fuentes, Sagrario Martin-Aragon, Margarita Cuervas-Mons Vendrell

05.12.2019 | Abstract Set | Ausgabe 1/2020

Abstracts of 48th ESCP symposium on clinical pharmacy 23–25 October 2019, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The digital revolution supporting clinical pharmacy through e-health, digital support systems, big data, and more

28.09.2019 | Correction | Ausgabe 1/2020

Correction to: Knowledge of cardiovascular disease risk factors and practice of primary prevention of cardiovascular disease by Community Pharmacists in Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Casmir E. Amadi, Folasade O. Lawal, Amam C. Mbakwem, Jayne N. Ajuluchukwu, David A. Oke

13.02.2020 | Acknowledgement | Ausgabe 1/2020

Thank You Reviewers

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