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10.08.2022 | Original Article

Three underdogs among galenic veins: anatomical analysis and literature review of surgical relevant veins in the quadrigeminal cistern

Recent studies (Alaou-Ismaili et al. 2020; Kilic et al. Eur J Radiol 56:212–219, 2005) among experienced sub-specialized neurosurgeons described divergent perceptions of surgical risk for venous sacrifice in posterior fossa surgery. Three galenic …

06.08.2022 | Research

Preservation of frontal white matter tracts in ventricular surgery: favoring an anterior interhemispheric transcallosal approach vs a transcortical transfrontal transventricular approach

Secondary to the creation of a surgical corridor and retraction, white matter tracts degenerate, causing long-term scarring with potential neurological consequences. Third and lateral ventricle tumors require surgery that may lead to cognitive …

Open Access 29.07.2022 | Review

State of affairs regarding targeted pharmacological therapy of cancers metastasized to the brain

In 1999 a visionary short article by The Wall Street Journal writers Robert Langreth and Michael Waldholz popularized the new term “personalized medicine,” that is to say, the targeting of drugs to each unique genetic profile. From today’s …

Open Access 28.07.2022 | Original Article

Brain infarction following meningioma surgery—incidence, risk factors, and impact on function, seizure risk, and patient-reported quality of life

In this study, we seek to explore the incidence of and potential risk factors for postoperative infarctions after meningioma surgery, in addition to the possible association with new neurological deficits, seizures, and health-related quality of …

Open Access 27.07.2022 | Review

Resection of brain lesions with a neuroendoscopic ultrasonic aspirator — a systematic literature review

The development of minimally invasive neuroendoscopy has advanced in recent years. The introduction of the neuroendoscopic ultrasonic aspirator (NUA) increased the treatment spectrum of neuroendoscopy. This review aimed to present a systematic …

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"Neurosurgical Review" provides a forum for comprehensive reviews on current issues in neurosurgery. Each issue contains up to five reviews, reflecting all important aspects of one topic (a disease or a surgical approach). Comments by a panel of experts within the same issue complete the topic. By providing comprehensive coverage of one topic per issue, "Neurosurgical Review" combines the topicality of professional journals with the in depth treatment of a monograph.

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