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Pathology & Oncology Research

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08.02.2020 | Letter to the Editor

Mutational alterations of TDRD 1, 4 and 9 genes in colorectal cancers

03.02.2020 | Review

mTOR in Lung Neoplasms

With the discovery of rapamycin 45 years ago, studies in the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) field started 2 decades before the identification of the mTOR kinase. Over the years, studies revealed that the mTOR signaling is a master …

28.01.2020 | Review Open Access

The Function of NM23-H1/NME1 and Its Homologs in Major Processes Linked to Metastasis

Metastasis suppressor genes (MSGs) inhibit different biological processes during metastatic progression without globally influencing development of the primary tumor. The first MSG, NM23 (non-metastatic clone 23, isoform H1) or now called NME1 …

27.01.2020 | Original Article

EGFRvIII-CAR-T Cells with PD-1 Knockout Have Improved Anti-Glioma Activity

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most malignant form of the brain tumors. EGFR variant III (EGFRvIII) is expressed in about 30% of GBM specimens, but not expressed in normal brain tissues. Therefore, EGFRvIII protein offers an ideal CAR-T …

06.01.2020 | Original Article

Caveolin-1 Expression at Metastatic Lymph Nodes Predicts Unfavorable Outcome in Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

We evaluated the clinical and prognostic value of the protein expression of caveolin-1 (CAV1) and p16 at the primary site and metastatic lymph nodes of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). Primary site specimens from 80 OSCC cases were randomly …

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Pathology & Oncology Research (POR) is an interdisciplinary journal at the interface of pathology and oncology, including the preclinical and translational research, diagnostics and therapy. Furthermore, POR offers an international forum for the rapid communication of reviews, original research, critical and topical reports with excellence and novelty. Published quarterly, POR is dedicated to keeping scientists informed of developments in its focused biomedical fields which span the gap between basic research and clinical medicine. A special aim of POR is to promote publishing activity in pathology and oncology of colleagues in the Central and East European region. The journal will interest pathologists, and a broad range of experimental and clinical oncologists, and related experts. Pathology & Oncology Research is supported by distinguished international advisory board and the Arányi Foundation for modern pathology.

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