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European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Ausgabe 1/2018

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Focus on imaging in trauma

Frank Hildebrand, K. Eichler

Original Article

Early computed tomography or focused assessment with sonography in abdominal trauma: what are the leading opinions?

L. Grünherz, K. O. Jensen, V. Neuhaus, L. Mica, C. M. L. Werner, B. Ciritsis, C. Michelitsch, G. Osterhoff, H.-P. Simmen, K. Sprengel

Original Article

Routine versus selective chest and abdominopelvic CT-scan in conscious blunt trauma patients: a randomized controlled study

N. Moussavi, H. Ghani, A. Davoodabadi, F. Atoof, A. Moravveji, S. Saidfar, H. Talari

Original Article

Prevalence of negative CT scans in a level one trauma center

C. K. Hansen, R. J. Strayer, B. D. Shy, S. Kessler, S. Givre, K. H. Shah

Review Article

Fibrinolysis in trauma: a review

M. J. Madurska, K. A. Sachse, J. O. Jansen, T. E. Rasmussen, J. J. Morrison

Review Article

Traumatic inferior shoulder dislocation: a review of management and outcome

Mithun Nambiar, David Owen, Peter Moore, Ashley Carr, Malcolm Thomas


Correction to: Traumatic inferior shoulder dislocation: a review of management and outcome

Mithun Nambiar, David Owen, Peter Moore, Ashley Carr, Malcolm Thomas

Original Article

Predictors of outcome in 101 patients requiring emergent thoracotomy for penetrating pulmonary injuries

J. A. Asensio, O. A. Ogun, F. N. Mazzini, A. J. Perez-Alonso, L. M. Garcia-Núñez, P. Petrone

Open Access Original Article

Improved outcomes for hepatic trauma in England and Wales over a decade of trauma and hepatobiliary surgery centralisation

J. Barrie, S. Jamdar, M. F. Iniguez, O. Bouamra, T. Jenks, F. Lecky, D. A. O’Reilly

Original Article

Emergency surgery for obstructing colonic cancer: a comparison between right-sided and left-sided lesions

J.-L. Faucheron, B. Paquette, B. Trilling, B. Heyd, S. Koch, G. Mantion

Open Access Original Article

Contemporary damage control surgery outcomes: 80 patients with severe abdominal injuries in the right upper quadrant analyzed

M. Hommes, S. Chowdhury, D. Visconti, P. H. Navsaria, J. E. J. Krige, D. Cadosch, A. J. Nicol

Original Article

In vivo knee rotational stability 2 years after double-bundle and anatomic single-bundle ACL reconstruction

M. Komzák, R. Hart, M. Feranec, P. Šmíd, R. Kocová

Original Article

Clinical outcome after alternative treatment of scaphoid fractures and nonunions

A. L. Sander, K. Sommer, D. Schäf, C. Braun, I. Marzi, T. Pohlemann, J. Frank

Original Article

End cap versus no end cap in intramedullary nailing for displaced midshaft clavicle fractures: influence on implant-related irritation

H. Frima, M. H. J. Hulsmans, R. M. Houwert, U. Ahmed Ali, E. J. M. M. Verleisdonk, C. Sommer, M. van Heijl

Original Article

Prevalence and main determinants of early post-traumatic thromboembolism in patients requiring ICU admission

F. Kazemi Darabadi, M. A. Jafari Zare, Z. Torabi Goodarzi, P. Namdar

Original Article

The effects of Hurricane Sandy on trauma center admissions

T. Curran, D. A. Bogdanovski, A. S. Hicks, J. W. Bilaniuk, J. M. Adams, B. K. Siegel, L. T. DiFazio, R. Durling-Grover, Z. H. Nemeth

Original Article

Basic echocardiography for undergraduate students: a comparison of different peer-teaching approaches

G. Gradl-Dietsch, A. K. Menon, A. Gürsel, A. Götzenich, N. Hatam, A. Aljalloud, S. Schrading, F. Hölzl, M. Knobe

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