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Brain Structure and Function 8/2020
Brain Structure and Function

Ausgabe 8/2020


Inhaltsverzeichnis (19 Artikel)

12.09.2020 | Original Article

Aerobic exercise increases sprouting angiogenesis in the male rat motor cortex
Morgan E. Stevenson, Chelsea C. Miller, Heather A. Owen, Rodney A. Swain

Open Access 19.08.2020 | Original Article

Abnormal dynamic resting-state brain network organization in auditory verbal hallucination
Haiyang Geng, Pengfei Xu, Iris E. Sommer, Yue-Jia Luo, André Aleman, Branislava Ćurčić-Blake

Open Access 17.08.2020 | Original Article

Effect of BDNF Val66Met on hippocampal subfields volumes and compensatory interaction with APOE-ε4 in middle-age cognitively unimpaired individuals from the ALFA study
Natalia Vilor-Tejedor, Grégory Operto, Tavia E. Evans, Carles Falcon, Marta Crous-Bou, Carolina Minguillón, Raffaele Cacciaglia, Marta Milà-Alomà, Oriol Grau-Rivera, Marc Suárez-Calvet, Diego Garrido-Martín, Sebastián Morán, Manel Esteller, Hieab H. Adams, José Luis Molinuevo, Roderic Guigó, Juan Domingo Gispert, for the ALFA Study

01.09.2020 | Original Article

Volumetric analysis and morphological assessment of the ascending olfactory pathway in an elasmobranch and a teleost using diceCT
Victoria Camilieri-Asch, Jeremy A. Shaw, Kara E. Yopak, Lucille Chapuis, Julian C. Partridge, Shaun P. Collin

19.08.2020 | Original Article

Dissociable fronto-striatal functional networks predict choice impulsivity
Qiang Wang, Chenyu Lv, Qinghua He, Gui Xue

20.08.2020 | Original Article

Brain connections derived from diffusion MRI tractography can be highly anatomically accurate—if we know where white matter pathways start, where they end, and where they do not go
Kurt G. Schilling, Laurent Petit, Francois Rheault, Samuel Remedios, Carlo Pierpaoli, Adam W. Anderson, Bennett A. Landman, Maxime Descoteaux

Open Access 25.08.2020 | Original Article

The role of the l-IPS in the comprehension of reversible and irreversible sentences: an rTMS study
Lorenzo Vercesi, Prerana Sabnis, Chiara Finocchiaro, Luigi Cattaneo, Elena Tonolli, Gabriele Miceli

19.08.2020 | Original Article

Network-behavior mapping of lasting executive impairments after low-grade glioma surgery
Jérôme Cochereau, Anne-Laure Lemaitre, Michel Wager, Sylvie Moritz-Gasser, Hugues Duffau, Guillaume Herbet

17.08.2020 | Original Article

Developmental score of the infant brain: characterizing diffusion MRI in term- and preterm-born infants
Dan Wu, Linda Chang, Thomas M. Ernst, Brian S. Caffo, Kenichi Oishi

Open Access 02.09.2020 | Original Article

Wide-field retinotopy reveals a new visuotopic cluster in macaque posterior parietal cortex
Samy Rima, Benoit R. Cottereau, Yseut Héjja-Brichard, Yves Trotter, Jean-Baptiste Durand

09.09.2020 | Original Article

Changes in auditory cortical thickness following music training in children: converging longitudinal and cross-sectional results
Assal Habibi, Beatriz Ilari, Katrina Heine, Hanna Damasio

18.09.2020 | Original Article

Does size matter? The relationship between predictive power of single-subject morphometric networks to spatial scale and edge weight
Pradeep Reddy Raamana, Stephen C. Strother, for the Australian Imaging Biomarkers, Lifestyle flagship study of ageing, for The Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

10.09.2020 | Original Article

Influences of age and pubertal status on number and intensity of perineuronal nets in the rat medial prefrontal cortex
Carly M. Drzewiecki, Jari Willing, Janice M. Juraska

Open Access 16.09.2020 | Original Article

Cyto- and myeloarchitectural brain atlas of the pale spear-nosed bat (Phyllostomus discolor) in CT Aided Stereotaxic Coordinates
Susanne Radtke-Schuller, Thomas Fenzl, Herbert Peremans, Gerd Schuller, Uwe Firzlaff

09.09.2020 | Original Article

Quantification of neurons in the hippocampal formation of chimpanzees: comparison to rhesus monkeys and humans
Christina N. Rogers Flattery, Rebecca F. Rosen, Aaron S. Farberg, Jeromy M. Dooyema, Patrick R. Hof, Chet C. Sherwood, Lary C. Walker, Todd M. Preuss

Open Access 16.09.2020 | Original Article

Reproducing macaque lateral grasping and oculomotor networks using resting state functional connectivity and diffusion tractography
Henrietta Howells, Luciano Simone, Elena Borra, Luca Fornia, Gabriella Cerri, Giuseppe Luppino

16.09.2020 | Original Article

Non-classical behavior of the default mode network regions during an information processing task
Pedro Henrique Rodrigues da Silva, Carlo Rondinoni, Renata F. Leoni

Open Access 20.09.2020 | Original Article

Chemical-neuroanatomical organization of peripheral sensory-efferent systems in the pond snail (Lymnaea stagnalis)
Réka Horváth, Izabella Battonyai, Gábor Maász, János Schmidt, Zsuzsanna N. Fekete, Károly Elekes

Open Access 12.09.2020 | Methods Paper

Minimizing shrinkage of acute brain slices using metal spacers during histological embedding
Felix Bolduan, Sabine Grosser, Imre Vida

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