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Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 3/2017

Ausgabe 3/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 31 Artikel )

12.08.2017 | Review | Ausgabe 3/2017

Breast cancer in elderly women and altered clinico-pathological characteristics: a systematic review

M. Lodi, L. Scheer, N. Reix, D. Heitz, A.-J. Carin, N. Thiébaut, K. Neuberger, C. Tomasetto, C. Mathelin

22.08.2017 | Review | Ausgabe 3/2017

Performance characteristics of specimen radiography for margin assessment for ductal carcinoma in situ: a systematic review

D. P. A. Versteegden, L. G. G. Keizer, M. S. Schlooz-Vries, L. E. M. Duijm, C. A. P. Wauters, L. J. A. Strobbe

14.08.2017 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2017

BRCA1-mimetic compound NSC35446.HCl inhibits IKKB expression by reducing estrogen receptor-α occupancy in the IKKB promoter and inhibits NF-κB activity in antiestrogen-resistant human breast cancer cells

Shyam Nathan, Yongxian Ma, York A. Tomita, Eliseu De Oliveira, Milton L. Brown, Eliot M. Rosen

16.08.2017 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2017 Open Access

Molecular characterization and heterogeneity of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer

Anna Jakabova, Zuzana Bielcikova, Eliska Pospisilova, Rafal Matkowski, Bartlomiej Szynglarewicz, Urszula Staszek-Szewczyk, Milada Zemanova, Lubos Petruzelka, Petra Eliasova, Katarina Kolostova, Vladimir Bobek

21.08.2017 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2017

Association between mammographic density and pregnancies relative to age and BMI: a breast cancer case-only analysis

Carolin C. Hack, Julius Emons, Sebastian M. Jud, Katharina Heusinger, Werner Adler, Paul Gass, Lothar Haeberle, Felix Heindl, Alexander Hein, Rüdiger Schulz-Wendtland, Michael Uder, Arndt Hartmann, Matthias W. Beckmann, Peter A. Fasching, Uwe G. Pöhls

22.08.2017 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2017

Effects of cytokines derived from cancer-associated fibroblasts on androgen synthetic enzymes in estrogen receptor-negative breast carcinoma

Kyoko Kikuchi, Keely May McNamara, Yasuhiro Miki, Ju-Yeon Moon, Man Ho Choi, Fumiya Omata, Minako Sakurai, Yoshiaki Onodera, Yoshiaki Rai, Yasuyo Ohi, Yasuaki Sagara, Minoru Miyashita, Takanori Ishida, Noriaki Ohuchi, Hironobu Sasano

28.08.2017 | Preclinical Study | Ausgabe 3/2017

ATM is required for SOD2 expression and homeostasis within the mammary gland

Lisa M. Dyer, Jessica D. Kepple, Lingbao Ai, Wan-Ju Kim, Virginia L. Stanton, Mary K. Reinhard, Lindsey R. F. Backman, W. Scott Streitfeld, Nivetha Ramesh Babu, Nicolai Treiber, Karin Scharffetter-Kochanek, Peter J. McKinnon, Kevin D. Brown

30.08.2017 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2017

African American patients with breast cancer have worse prognosis than white patients in certain subtypes and stages

Cletus A. Arciero, Jing Yang, Limin Peng, Kevin C. Ward, Ruth O’Regan, Aysegul A. Sahin, Xiaoxian Li

31.08.2017 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2017

Impact of repeat HER2 testing after initial equivocal HER2 FISH results using 2013 ASCO/CAP guidelines

Fang-Ping Xu, Kun Wang, Jie Xu, Jie Chen, Yi-Fang Zhang, Hong-Mei Wu, Ming-Hui Zhang, Xiao-Xu Long, Xin-Lan Luo, Ke-Ping Zhang, Dan-Yi Lin, Yan-Hui Liu

17.08.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2017

Comparison of synthetic mammography, reconstructed from digital breast tomosynthesis, and digital mammography: evaluation of lesion conspicuity and BI-RADS assessment categories

Giovanna Mariscotti, Manuela Durando, Nehmat Houssami, Mirella Fasciano, Alberto Tagliafico, Davide Bosco, Cristina Casella, Camilla Bogetti, Laura Bergamasco, Paolo Fonio, Giovanni Gandini

18.08.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2017

BRCA1-like profile is not significantly associated with survival benefit of non-myeloablative intensified chemotherapy in the GAIN randomized controlled trial

A. G. J. van Rossum, P. C. Schouten, K. E. Weber, V. Nekljudova, C. Denkert, C. Solbach, C. H. Köhne, C. Thomssen, H. Forstbauer, G. Hoffmann, A. Kohls, S. Schmatloch, C. Schem, G. von Minckwitz, T. Karn, V. J. Möbus, S. C. Linn, S. Loibl, F. Marmé

19.08.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2017

Impact of rheumatoid arthritis on radiation-related toxicity and cosmesis in breast cancer patients: a contemporary matched-pair analysis

Yanqun Dong, Tianyu Li, Thomas M. Churilla, Talha Shaikh, Elin R Sigurdson, Richard J. Bleicher, Stephanie E. Weiss, Shelly B. Hayes, Penny R. Anderson

20.08.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2017

Lymphedema, musculoskeletal events and arm function in older patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer (Alliance A171302)

Judith O. Hopkins, Jake Allred, Arti Hurria, Aminah Jatoi, Jacqueline M. Lafky, Harvey Cohen, Clifford Hudis, Eric Winer, Jeanne Mandelblatt, Ann Partridge, Lisa Carey, Hyman B. Muss

22.08.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2017 Open Access

Utilization of bioimpedance spectroscopy in the prevention of chronic breast cancer-related lymphedema

David I. Kaufman, Chirag Shah, Frank A. Vicini, Marisa Rizzi

20.09.2017 | Erratum | Ausgabe 3/2017

Erratum to: Utilization of bioimpedance spectroscopy in the prevention of chronic breast cancer-related lymphedema

David I. Kaufman, Chirag Shah, Frank A. Vicini, Marisa Rizzi

22.08.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2017

Thrombocytosis as a prognostic factor in inflammatory breast cancer

Kenichi Harano, Takahiro Kogawa, Jimin Wu, Ying Yuan, Evan N. Cohen, Bora Lim, James M. Reuben, Naoto T. Ueno

22.08.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2017

Different prognosis of young breast cancer patients in their 20s and 30s depending on subtype: a nationwide study from the Korean Breast Cancer Society

Jai Min Ryu, Jonghan Yu, Seung Il Kim, Ku Sang Kim, Hyeong-Gon Moon, Jung Eun Choi, Joon Jeong, Kyung Do Byun, Seok Jin Nam, Jeong Eon Lee, Se Kyung Lee, Seok Won Kim

01.12.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

Trends in stage-specific breast cancer incidence in New South Wales, Australia: insights into the effects of 25 years of screening mammography

Gemma Jacklyn, Kevin McGeechan, Les Irwig, Nehmat Houssami, Stephen Morrell, Katy Bell, Alexandra Barratt

19.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

Estrogen receptor quantitative measures and breast cancer survival

Deirdre A. Hill, Marc Barry, Charles Wiggins, Andrea Nibbe, Melanie Royce, Eric Prossnitz, Lesley Lomo

20.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

Germline mutations of PALB2 gene in a sequential series of Chinese patients with breast cancer

Kun Zhang, Jiaojiao Zhou, Xuan Zhu, Meng Luo, Chunjing Xu, JieKai Yu, Mei Deng, Shu Zheng, Yiding Chen

21.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

Breast cancer screening in transgender patients: findings from the 2014 BRFSS survey

Anand Narayan, Lizza Lebron-Zapata, Elizabeth Morris

21.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

Inherited predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer in non-Jewish populations in Israel

Jamal Zidan, Alicia Y. Zhou, Jeroen van den Akker, Yael Laitman, Hagit Schayek, Julia Schnaider, Eitan Friedman

22.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017 Open Access

Survival and level of care among breast cancer patients with brain metastases treated with whole brain radiotherapy

Gabriella Frisk, Beatrice Tinge, Sara Ekberg, Sandra Eloranta, L. Magnus Bäcklund, Elisabet Lidbrink, Karin E. Smedby

23.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

Familial associations of male breast cancer with other cancers

Guoqiao Zheng, Hongyao Yu, Akseli Hemminki, Asta Försti, Kristina Sundquist, Kari Hemminki

23.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

Increased risk of arterial thromboembolism in older men with breast cancer

Anne S. Reiner, Babak B. Navi, Lisa M. DeAngelis, Katherine S. Panageas

29.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

Clinical pattern of primary systemic therapy and outcomes of estrogen receptor-positive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer: a review of a single institution

Junichiro Watanabe, T. Hayashi, Y. Tadokoro, S. Nishimura, K. Takahashi

31.08.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2017

BMI change and abdominal circumference are risk factors for breast cancer, even in Asian women

Yusuke Suzuki, Hiroko Tsunoda, Takeshi Kimura, Hideko Yamauchi

19.08.2017 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2017

Cardiac toxicities of lapatinib in patients with breast cancer and other HER2-positive cancers: a meta-analysis

Hye Duck Choi, Min Jung Chang

24.08.2017 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2017

Panel sequencing of 264 candidate susceptibility genes and segregation analysis in a cohort of non-BRCA1, non-BRCA2 breast cancer families

Jun Li, Hongyan Li, Igor Makunin, Bryony A. Thompson, Kayoko Tao, Erin L. Young, Jacqueline Lopez, Nicola J. Camp, Sean V. Tavtigian, Esther M. John, Irene L. Andrulis, Kum Kum Khanna, David Goldgar, Georgia Chenevix-Trench, kConFab Investigators

24.08.2017 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2017

Economic evaluation of sequencing strategies in HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer in Mexico: a contrast between public and private payer perspectives

Vakaramoko Diaby, Askal Ayalew Ali, Krystal J. Williams, Kyrian Ezendu, Enrique Soto-Perez-de-Celis, Yanin Chavarri-Guerra, Gilberto de Lima Lopes

06.11.2017 | Acknowledgement | Ausgabe 3/2017

Acknowledgement of reviewers 2016

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