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22.06.2019 | Clinical Conundrum

Hypopharyngeal Diverticulum: Toward a Unified Understanding of Its Etiopathogenesis

The etiopathogenesis of Zenker’s diverticulum (ZD) remains uncertain. Increased hypopharyngeal pressure due to a hypertonic upper esophageal sphincter results in herniation proximal to the sphincter producing a pulsion diverticulum.

21.06.2019 | Original Article

Alteration of Swallowing and Ventilation Coordination in Respiratory Diseases in Small Mammals

In human and animal, swallowing and ventilation are coordinated to avoid laryngeal penetration or tracheal aspiration, and respiration is interrupted during swallowing and resumes in the expiratory phase. Some respiratory diseases may alter this …

18.06.2019 | Abstracts

Society for Neuroscience 2018 Satellite Symposium

Neural Mechanisms of Feeding and Swallowing and Their Applications for Neural Rehabilitation

17.06.2019 | Original Article

Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation on the Submental Area: The Relations of Biopsychological Factors with Maximum Amplitude Tolerance and Perceived Discomfort Level

Transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TES) is a frequently used adjunctive modality in dysphagia rehabilitation. Stimulating deeper swallowing muscles requires higher TES amplitude. However, TES amplitude is limited by maximum amplitude tolerance …

05.06.2019 | Original Article

High-Resolution Pharyngeal Manometry and Impedance: Protocols and Metrics—Recommendations of a High-Resolution Pharyngeal Manometry International Working Group

High-resolution manometry has traditionally been utilized in gastroenterology diagnostic clinical and research applications. Recently, it is also finding new and important applications in speech pathology and laryngology practices. A …

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