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01.12.2014 | Meeting abstract | Sonderheft 1/2014 Open Access

The Journal of Headache and Pain 1/2014

EHMTI-0249. Headache attributed to hypertension in chronic migraine patients

The Journal of Headache and Pain > Sonderheft 1/2014
O Grosu, I Moldovanu, S Odobescu, L Rotaru


Hypertension is frequent in chronic migraine patients and could be a factor that promotes chronification (Bigal, 2008). In these patients could be a secondary headache named “headache attributed to hypertension”.


to detect the presence of “headache attributed to hypertension” in chronic migraine patients with high blood pressure (HBP).


Study sample include 60 chronic migraine patients with associated arterial hypertension (MwHBP) and 30 patients with hypertension without migraine (HBPw/oM). All the patients underwent neurological examination, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Headache was established according to IHS criteria (2004,2013).


In the MwHBP group 65% of patients presented a second type of headache corresponding to “headache attributed to hypertension” criteria compared to 33% in the HBPw/oM group. This type of headache in MwHBP group was unilateral (60% vs. 23.1%, p<0.05), pulsating (60% vs. 17.9%, p<0.05), in any part of the day (80% vs. 23.1%, p<0.05), with the combination of two or more associated symptoms (100% vs. 0%) compared with HBPw/oM group - predominantly on the morning, with isolated associated symptoms (30% - just photophobia vs. 0%, 40% - just phonophobia vs. 0%, 30% - just nausea vs. 0%, p<0.05).


In the chronic migraine patients with associated hypertension could be detected two types of headaches. The first one is migraine and the second - “headache attributed to hypertension”, which is more frequent than in the hypertension without migraine group (65% vs. 33%) and preserved the migrainous features.
No conflict of interest.
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