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17.05.2018 | Original Paper

Educational Impact of Trainee-Facilitated Head and Neck Radiology–Pathology Correlation Conferences

The goal of this study was to evaluate the benefits of resident and fellow-facilitated radiology–pathology head and neck conferences. A total of seven resident-facilitated and six fellow-facilitated head and neck radiology–pathology cases were …

17.05.2018 | Case Report

Papillary Carcinoma of Stensen’s Duct with Intestinal Differentiation

Stensen’s duct carcinoma (StDC) is an extremely rare neoplasm, with fewer than 40 cases reported in the literature. We report a unique case of primary StDC with papillary features and intestinal differentiation of a 74-year-old male. We discuss …

14.05.2018 | Original Paper

Fetal Type Rhabdomyoma of the Soft Palate in an Adult Patient: Report of One Case and Review of the Literature

Rhabdomyoma is a rare benign tumor with skeletal muscle differentiation. Rhabdomyoma is further classified into cardiac, adult, fetal, and genital subtypes. Out of these, fetal type rhabdomyoma (FTR) is the rarest. Only a small number of cases …

10.05.2018 | Original Paper

Lipomas of the Oral Cavity: Utility of MDM2 and CDK4 in Avoiding Overdiagnosis as Atypical Lipomatous Tumor

Traumatized lipomas with degenerative change may demonstrate histopathologic features that mimic atypical lipomatous tumor (ALT). Previously reported series of ALT involving the oral cavity preceded routine use of MDM2 and CDK4 …

09.05.2018 | Case Report Open Access

Adult-Type Rhabdomyoma of the Larynx in Birt–Hogg–Dubé Syndrome: Evidence for a Real Association

The autosomal dominant Birt–Hogg–Dubé syndrome is known to be associated with skin, lung and kidney lesions. It is caused by heterozygous germline mutations in the folliculin gene and has a high penetrance. We report the case of a 51 year old …

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Head & Neck Pathology presents scholarly papers, reviews and symposia that cover the spectrum of human surgical pathology within the anatomic zones of the oral cavity, sinonasal tract, larynx, hypopharynx, salivary gland, ear and temporal bone, and neck.

The journal publishes rapid developments in new diagnostic criteria, intraoperative consultation, immunohistochemical studies, molecular techniques, genetic analyses, diagnostic aids, radiographic imaging, and application of uniform terminology to allow practitioners to continue to maintain and expand their knowledge in the subspecialty of head and neck pathology. Coverage of practical application to daily clinical practice is supported with proceedings and symposia from international societies and academies devoted to this field.

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27.04.2018 | Schwerpunkt: Digitale Medizin 2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Umsetzung des Leitfadens „Digitale Pathologie in der Diagnostik“

Unterstützende Systeme und ihre Funktionalität

26.04.2018 | CME | Ausgabe 3/2018

Die neue S3-Leitlinie „Prävention des Zervixkarzinoms“

Was ist wichtig für die Pathologie?

24.04.2018 | Schwerpunkt: Digitale Medizin 2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Digitale Pathologie

Die Zeit ist reif!

05.04.2018 | Schwerpunkt: Digitale Medizin 2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Leitfaden „Digitale Pathologie in der Diagnostik“

Befunderstellung an digitalen Bildern