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24.02.2020 | Review

Paving the way towards universal treatment with allogenic T cells

With several different CAR T cell therapies under advanced phases of clinical trials, and the first FDA-approved CAR treatments in 2017 (Yescarta and Kymriah), CAR T cell therapy has become one of the most promising therapies for the treatment of …

26.11.2019 | Original Article

Combined prime-boost immunization with systemic and mucosal pneumococcal vaccines based on Pneumococcal surface protein A to enhance protection against lethal pneumococcal infections

Limited protective effects of commercially available vaccines necessitate the development of novel pneumococcal vaccines. We recently reported a pneumococcal systemic vaccine containing two proteins, Pneumococcal surface protein A (PspA of family …

23.11.2019 | Original Article

Inflammatory involvement into phototoxic reaction in erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) patients

Phototoxic reaction is a known feature of EPP at least in part triggered by the oxidative status, complement system activation, and mast cell response. The aim of this study was to verify some aspects involved in phototoxic reaction during a …

23.11.2019 | Letter to the Editor

Effect of atorvastatin on rheumatoid arthritis–associated autoreactive T cells

Utilizing rheumatoid peptides as previously described [ 2 ], we performed an analysis of autoreactive T cells. To determine T cell activation, we used flow cytometry to measure the expression of activity markers HLA-DR and CD25 on CD4+ and CD8+ T …

18.11.2019 | Original Article

Novel nonsense IL-12Rβ1 mutation associated with recurrent tuberculosis

The interleukin (IL)-12/interferon(IFN)γ axis plays an important role in the control of mycobacterial diseases as demonstrated by the increased susceptibility to mycobacterial species in patients with an inborn error of the IL-12-dependent IFNγ …

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IMMUNOLOGIC RESEARCH represents a unique medium for the presentation, interpretation, and clarification of complex scientific data. Information is presented in the form of interpretive synthesis reviews, original research articles, symposia, editorials, and theoretical essays. The scope of coverage extends to cellular immunology, immunogenetics, molecular and structural immunology, immunoregulation and autoimmunity, immunopathology, tumor immunology, host defense and microbial immunity, including viral immunology, immunohematology, mucosal immunity, complement, transplantation immunology, clinical immunology, neuroimmunology, immunoendocrinology, immunotoxicology, translational immunology, and history of immunology.

Edited to serve as an information resource, as well as a conventional medium for innovative original research reports, the journal introduces a format of interpretive synthesis reviews authored by investigators who discovered many of the findings they report.

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