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Trauma exposure, PTSD, and suboptimal HIV medication adherence among marginalized individuals connected to public HIV care in Miami

Individuals living with HIV report disproportionately high levels of trauma exposure and PTSD symptoms, both which have been associated with suboptimal ART adherence. Often conflated, the question arises as to which construct is driving subsequent …


Social-ecological considerations for the sleep health of rural mothers

Using a social-ecological framework, we identify social determinants that interact to influence sleep health, identify gaps in the literature, and make recommendations for targeting sleep health in rural mothers. Rural mothers experience unique …


Moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity trajectories during adolescence and young adulthood predict adiposity in young adulthood: The Iowa Bone Development Study

This study examined the associations of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity (MVPA) trajectories in adolescence through young adulthood with adiposity in young adults. Participants from The Iowa Bone Development Study cohort were …


Treating postpartum depression in rural veterans using internet delivered CBT: program evaluation of MomMoodBooster

Depression in the postpartum period impacts approximately 13–26% of the general population. This number can be much higher for rural veteran women who face additional barriers to accessing specialized mental health services due to isolation and …


Age-varying associations between physical activity and psychological outcomes among rural cancer survivors

We examined the prevalence of psychological outcomes (i.e., symptoms of depression and anxiety) by age and age-varying associations between physical activity and psychological outcomes among rural cancer survivors. Participants (N = 219; ages …

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The Journal of Behavioral Medicine is a broadly conceived interdisciplinary publication devoted to furthering understanding of physical health and illness through the knowledge and techniques of behavioral science. A significant function of the journal is the application of this knowledge to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The contents span all areas of behavioral medicine research: psychology, psychiatry, sociology, epidemiology, anthropology, health economics, public health, general medicine, and biostatistics.

Coverage includes effects of psychological stress on physical functioning; sociocultural influences on health and illness; adherence to medical regimens and health maintenance behavior (e.g. exercise, nutrition); the study of appetitive disorders (alcoholism, smoking and obesity) that pose physical risk; behavioral factors in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS; pain, self-regulation therapies and biofeedback for somatic disorders; and brain-behavioral relationships that influence physiological function.

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